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Bleeding- placenta lake

Hi there! I am pregnant with my first. We had our big 20 week appointment two days ago and all looked great. I have experienced some inconsistent spotting since the 12 week. It seems to have increased a little over the last few days. The ultrasonographer said it was a placenta lake, and there was nothing to worry about. My doctor said sometimes this just happens. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Even though things are going well, it's so nerve racking to see blood. Just looking for some camaraderie! Thanks!

Re: Bleeding- placenta lake

  • I haven't had any bleeding, but i also have a placental lake...a rather large one so it seems.  My doctor actually wants me to go see a high risk doctor about it to get a second opinion.  I don't know if you've googled placental lake, but it does appear that if they are large enough they can cause problems.  but i also hear that they're fairly normal if they're small and they won't do anything.  I don't know if this helps?...
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