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Unusual Question

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I tried to search some related things that this might be, but I've came up empty with my answers. I have searched round ligament pain and cramping in first trimester, although neither of these things really truly describe what is happening. I'm only about 6 weeks or so along. I'm definitely NOT showing at this point. Some bloat yes, but again I don't see that being an issue with what is going on. I'm a big girl 225lbs and most of my extra weight is in my belly (think a big blob on popsicle stick legs). Granted bending over is never really easy to begin with, but since the BFP when ever I bend over I get an uncomfortable pain like sensation (while bending - it subsides after I straighten up) a few inches below my belly button. It kind of feels like a gigantic dull pinch. it is very uncomfortable when it happens. This never happened before I was pregnant, and I've actually lost 8 pounds since becoming pregnant. It did not happen with my previous pregnancy. It is only when I bend and subsides when I straighten back up. Anyone have anything like that?

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Re: Unusual Question

  • It could be round ligament pain. There's also joint paint around ur hips/pelvis/pubis area that happen as ur hips widen and begin preparing for child birth. Your body releases a hormone called "relaxin" that facilitates these changes. I am7wk 3days and have definitely been feeling the joint pain. It could also be ur uterus stretching. There's lots of fun things that start happening early on in the pregnancy

  • It could be slight dehydration. In my first couple of weeks, I had odd cramping and my doctor suggest I drink more water, worked like a charm.
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