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24 weeks & 50% effaced

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so my doctor just informed me that I am 1 center meter dilated at 24 weeks! I have something called a Short cervix which causes me to dilated early ! Bummer Right! I pray that I get to at least 30 weeks That's my short term goal, long term goal would be at Least 37 weeks! I had to get a steroid shot two days in a row to develop the babies Lungs just to be on the safe side! Also I am on Vaginally Progesterone Suppositories! Help has anyone experience this journey before ???

Re: 24 weeks & 50% effaced

  • Sorry you're going through this, it sounds like such a stressful thing. I haven't personally experienced a shortening cervix, but I've also never had a vaginal exam until active labour. Have you had a vaginal birth before? What is your cervical length? 1cm isn't anything to fear. Most STM + are walking around 1cm dilated the entire pregnancy. I'd skip the vaginal exams, if possible as they can sometimes cause more damage than knowledge at this stage.
  • I was 1.5 cm dilated for about 4 weeks with my last pregnancy. I delivered at 38 weeks after my water broke, but I never dilated any further naturally, they had to use pitocin after about 8 hours of broken water and nothing else. Hang in there you could be just fine for many many weeks to come.
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  • I'm sorry to hear that you're going through this. I know it must be stressful. I don't have any experience with a shortened cervix but I had my son at 32 weeks and just wanted you to know that with all of the advances they have now preemies typically do great! My son is a healthy, happy, smart and energetic little boy with no signs of his prematurity. He's even been on the regular growth charts since his 1st birthday!

    I too, had two rounds or steroid shots for his lungs and let tell you, he's got quite a pair of lungs! ;)

    Have your doctor's given you any restrictions or mentioned a cerclage, bed rest or pelvic rest? I would definitely follow any and all recommendations they give you. Things can go quite well, just make sure you take very good care of yourself and get as much rest as you can.
  • I'm sorry for your complication. I researched this a fair amount last pregnancy because I was terrified of my girls coming too early and realized that there is such a huge case by case difference that you can't really look to other people's experiences to gauge whether or not your baby will come too early. Focus on the stories, like PP's, of moms lasting a long time with short or dialated cervixes, stay optimistic, and then just listen to your doctor's advice. I know how scary it is to worry about your baby coming too soon and I really hope yours hangs in there (literally) and that you don't have too much stress.
  • Thank you Ladies so so so so much :) you all have wonderful advice and it gives me a lot of hope seriously !! I am glad that I join this group to be able to get feed back from people that may have similar situations as me & Vice Versa!! But to sum up everything ... I had this problem before in 2012 & I must say I have a healthy 2 year old boy.... I had him at 34 weeks and he wore 5lbs 14.7 ounces :) and he was able to COME HOME with ME:) I know each pregnancy is different and this go around my doctor seem very concern
  • My cervix measure at 1.7 :( not good at all! I am on pelvic rest ! But I am not on bed rest! I actually work everyday but My Manager has me doing boring front desk work , due to the fact my doctor does not want me Bending , standing to long or lifting ! My job has been very good to me and they have very supportive!! But it's scary because you never know what to expect, pregnancy is suppose to be Happy not stressful . But I am keeping my fingers crossed taking it easy and trying not to worry and let this bring me down! Not trying to rush Jan 18 but I truly wish it speeds up! I just want to being home another healthy baby boy
  • Also I get ultra sounds every Tuesday I know it's to check on the baby and my cervix but it's so freaking annoying but whatever it takes to have a healthy baby boy I am all for it! Thanks again ladies I truly appreciate everyone that responded ! You ladies give me Hope
  • One of my friends just had her baby a few weeks ago at 27 weeks. Definitely not the plan she had in mind, but baby is breathing on his own, learning to eat, and getting bigger quickly. It's amazing how much even the tiniest babies can handle! Think positive :)
  • Yes it is & I am thinking positive ! Well congratulations to her! My doctor told me that at 24 weeks the baby could survive outside of the womb but of course I want my little Stinker to stay in as long as he can
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