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I'm having my first c-section with this baby, I've had 3 natural, one emergency csection after a placental tear, I am horrified! It has always been my worst fear, any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!??!

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  • I'm confused..... if you already had an emergency c-section in the past then you already know what to expect.....the only difference is it being scheduled....?

    Unless I'm missing something....??
  • I'm confused as well. I had to have an emergency c-section with my first and I will be having my second via c-section as well...not by choice.
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    I think she is worried about the c-section being planned. It's got to be different expecting it vs having it happen. I'm a FTM but My sister in law had a emergency c section with her first then had to have one with the next three. She said the first time was the emergency so it was so sudden she didn't have time to think about it and then the second time it was like a surgery and she was so stressed. The first one took her so long to recover and the scar was so bad cause they were in a hurry since my nephews cord was wrapped and his heart rate was dropping It set her up to think that's what they were all like plus she was stressed she was going to feel it and she didn't know how long it would take. After that one she said she loved her c sections. It was funny her second she said she kept telling the dr she wasn't ready she could feel him touching her and he was giggling at her, my brother looked and the dr already had her cut open :) She loved it being scheduled, she loved not having to go into labor and deal with the pains, and with having another little one already she loved being able to plan the day out so she could have them with her mom or mine and know when it was going to be done so they could bring her other little one up to meet the new baby. It defiantly has to be a little scary knowing when, just like any surgery, but talking to my sister there are some positives. I hope this was kind of helpful?
  • No experience since I'm a FTM, but my sister and everyone else I know that had c-sections was really happy with it. I'm so scared of natural birth that c-section seems less scary to me particularly because it is not like you are unconscious.
  • No experience since I'm a FTM, but my sister and everyone else I know that had c-sections was really happy with it. I'm so scared of natural birth that c-section seems less scary to me particularly because it is not like you are unconscious.
    I had a fantastic c section for my first 2. Before my previous pregnancy I knew that was what I wanted for my birth plan, and then when I found out I was having twins, it was a no brainer for me. I don't regret it at all! Everything went smoothly and it was really relaxing. My healing time was pretty fast as well, but it will be different for everyone. I plan on having a c section again.

    I know a lot of people disagree and think c sections are awful, but I think it depends on the person and their own experiences. I would love to be one of those mothers who can push a baby out without meds, but that's just not me.
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  • I am also confused by your question, will this delivery be your first csection because they know you have a placental tear already? Anyway, I always think knowledge is power, if you are feeling nervious or uncomfortable you should keep asking questions of your care provider until you feel more comfortable. You can also ask for their recommendations for things to read about your upcoming c-sections, there are some great books and articles that can really let you know what to expect. Having a plan for what you prefer immediately after the csection (skin to skin with baby, who will stay with you and who will go with baby) might be calming also.

    Lastly, there are absolutely situations where a csection is the best option and they almost always work out very well.  However, they are not always medically necessary, and if you truly feel that this may not be the best option for you, you can always ask what non-csection options you might have.
  • I'm also kind of confused by your question. I will say that my rcs was a much, much easier recovery from my emergency cs. I think it was from being in labor for only a few hours as opposed to 16 hours of hard labor. I was very nervous the second time around because I was psyching myself out with the thought of major surgery. I'll be having a rcs with this LO as well, and the thought of a third surgery has me a little freaked, but I feel that I'm making the right chit and fully trust my OB.
  • can you not try for a VBAC?
  • samara267 said:
    can you not try for a VBAC?
    I'm guessing because of her placenta tear she can't? But she hasn't been back to answer any of our questions, but has also started a new post asking the same question.

    I know for me it wasn't an option.
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  • Also confused here, have you had an emergency c/s previously? Your other post only says 3 vaginal deliveries... Please to clarify, OP.

    I had a scheduled c/s because DD was breech, and it went fine. We got to go into recovery together right after I was finished up and she had been measured/processed. We were able to do skin to skin time, nurse, nap, rest.
    I've heard varying stories about how that all works out when it's been an emergency c/s, so I think a scheduled c/s is much less stressful. DH stayed with me in our room at the hospital so he was able to hand her to me when she woke up for MOTN feeding and change the diapers while I was still immobile.
    I don't really know what else to tell you because I'm not sure what you're most worried about...
  • I think she's just saying it's her first scheduled c section vs emergency c section.... Knowing vs not knowing, but that's how i took it...
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