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Can't stop eating

I am hungry non stop! To the point that the amount of food im eating would make the normal person sick. Has anyone else gone through this?

Re: Can't stop eating

  • Every two hours or I feel like I am going to throw up. At least I am eating small meals. But I feel you, I eat so often I annoy myself.

  • I just started feeling this way this week. Both yesterday and today I felt like I couldn't get enough food. Ugh!! I will be 9 weeks tomorrow and can figure out why I'm wanting to eat so much. Im just hoping this will pass.
  • Ditto. Im either starving or too full. Arg!
  • As long as you are heating healthy things it's ok ! I have to keep myself in check and make sure I'm not hungry when I go to the grocery store or I end up with a bunch of crap! I found that when I'm "hungry " I'll drink a glass of water first and if I'm still feeling hungry after its legit ! if I'm not hungry anymore after my body was just wanting fluids.
  • I'm failing to see the problem ;)

    but in all seriousness, I agree with pp. Hunger and thirst signals can be the same so drink some water and eat if you still feel hungry after. You're growing a human. It's pretty exhausting.

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  • Yeah I agree! I think I'm eating to help the very slight nausea and depleted energy. Being an athlete all my life I think I always turn to food when I'm tired. Darn that's all the time now!!
  • Glad you posted! I have no MS, but I'm constantly hungry. I had 2 breakfasts a couple of days in the past two weeks and once, I had a second lunch. I feel so hungry most days, I could eat a horse...and then chase the rider. My pants are starting to get snug already. :-(

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