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Food you used to love but cant stand anymore


Re: Food you used to love but cant stand anymore

  • Nutella is so gross to me right now. It makes me sad.

    I've also gone off my favourite fruity yogurt-based drink, which just tastes like artificial sweetener to me now.

    That's all, though, so I consider myself lucky. My BFF is also in her first trimester and she can no longer stand bread. We're Dutch so we generally eat bread with two of our main meals, so that's a real problem for her!
  • And I now have a strong aversion to the La Croix sparkling waters I craved a month ago.

    Zero desire for alcohol.

    Ooh I love love love La Croix waters. My desire for them hS only gotten stronger.

    Honestly I have no appetite at all. No food smells are really turning me off. We cook mostly Indian/Pakistani food at home and it's all fine to me. I find myself hungry but nothing sounds appealing. I just don't want to eat which is very unusual for me.

  • My favorite food used to be chicken, but now I can't stand even the sight of it without wanting to gag!
  • The last couple of days I can eat what we make for dinner but once it comes to cleaning it up or eating it for leftovers the next day, I'm out for the count. 
  • The combination of peanut butter and chocolate makes me nauseous. Which is sad because it's my favorite thing in the world. My husband is enjoying mocking me.
  • I can't chew gum anymore, it makes me sick to my stomach within 2 minutes if I try. 

  • I was prepared for cravings, but I didn't think I'd have so much aversion! I open the frige and everything looks awful - even stuff I thought I wanted! Poor hubby is baffled!
  • I also have a serious aversion to garlic. My cravings change daily but the thought of an Italian restaurant makes me want to throw up. I have been seriously craving Chipotle burrito bowls. From morning until night.
  • Balsamic vinegar. I used to eat salad w just oil and vinegar 4-5 days sometimes for lunch and dinner. The smell and taste disgust me now. Olives, broccoli, BBQ chicken...
  • Cheeses, ranch, anything red meat, chicken, sweets (besides fruit), sour cream... It's awful. I used to love these foods.
  • Onion, garlic, sausage (I miss you!), sugar/sweets, and coffee. I used to love the smell of the flavored coffees walking through the grocery store, but now they make me gag. Very strange!

    Interestingly enough, I've never really liked chicken but now it's the only protein I want to eat! Fried chicken, chicken salad, eggs...
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    The list keeps growing here, I can't really stand much.  Chips, tea, cheese, cereal, chicken, soup, all of those are definitely out.

  • Just reading through this made my tummy turn. Like many of you nothing really is appealing just wanting cucumber and melon. The thought of leftovers makes me sick and if this is anything like when I had my son I imagine it won't be long before I can't handle, eat or cook meat.
  • I'm with all the ladies who can't do meat - no idea why, but everything about it is unappealing. Sweets are also getting more and more unappealing, even if it looks/sounds good, once its in my mouth I want nothing to do with it at all. Veggies don't sound appetizing, but I can eat them without feeling unwell. If I didn't know it was terrible for me, I'd probably be eating nothing but bagels - which, by the way, I didn't care for much before!
  • I agree! I don't want any meat, sweets, ginger ale, nothing. At this point I'm considering living off of water and zofran (nausea medication)
  • I normally have a pretty big sweet tooth, but the thought of sweets now disgusts me. I'm not liking fruit much either... I bit into a piece of pineapple the other day and had to spit it out.
  • I was pouring milk into a sippy cup for DD and couldn't tell if I had the lid locked, so I drank a sip of it to make sure it didn't leak. I won't be drinking milk again for a long time. :|

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  • I crave carbs like it's nobody's business. I'm normally a major health nut & love fish, veggies, fruit most nights for dinner but now, all I want is bread, bagels, pasta, pizza, rice, chips, pretzels. I literally count down to my next carb loaded snack or meal. So crazy for me!
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    Meat is making me gag which is weird because I normally love it. Just the smell and the texture make me want to die!

    Same! weirdly enough I'm actually craving beef, but the smell and texture just kill me! :-& I have been able to sneak in a little beef gravy with mashed potatoes, but that's the closest I've gotten to eating meat or fish of any kind in the last month!
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  • Maybe not a favorite food but I really liked bacon. Can barely even stand to say the word.
    I can't really eat anything I can smell cooking and it is really difficult to deal with.
  • @ckmilam
    I'm in the same boat! Hubby tries to get me to eat but all that I can keep down is crackers! Looking forward to second trimester when I can get back to all my favorites!
  • Eggs.
    I had an omelette for breakfast about three weeks ago- threw up and haven't looked at them since. Avoiding them at all costs.
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  • I can not stand the smell of BBQ right now! Which is really difficult because I live in Alabama and it's football season, so every Saturday the whole state smells like BBQ! It's awful and makes me want to vomit!
  • I bought blueberry muffins at the store the other day because it was one of the only things that sounded good. I've tried to eat them twice and the first bite makes me gag. I used to love them!

  • @JessicaB0627 - Oh my gosh! I did the same thing. I thought I was craving blueberry muffins, so I bought two boxes of mix on Sunday. I made a box on Monday, took two bites, and threw up. WTF BODY? You told me you wanted them!

    Mine is chicken. I used to eat so much chicken, but the thought of it makes me gag. I can eat chicken not made by me that is super salty, but eating my normal old baked chicken? No way.
  • Peanut butter, and broccoli - good bye old friends! Lol
  • Eggs, all soups, sausage, steak, chicken, most veggies, most fruits, Thai, Indian, most Chinese, and anything too sweet make my stomach turn. I feel like I'm back to the same food choices I made in kindergarten- mostly pasta, pizza, dairy, and fruit cups.

    I also don't like the taste of water anymore, but I'm forcing myself on that one- can't drink all my calories!
  • @vinerie I completely understand! I'm having the same problem. 
  • Meat, ranch dressing, seasonings, coffee:(, greens like spinach or broccoli. Feel like my food has to be bland otherwise it makes me nauseous. X_X
  • It seriously changes on a daily basis. The biggest one though is soda. It just tastes bad. Also anything sour or really sweet is out as they leave a bad after taste in my mouth. Everything else varies by day. I keep getting things to try because they sound good but then after two bites I'm done. Gets the hubby frustrated.
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    I used to be really into eating healthy and a foodie who just loved to shop, cook, and most of all eat. Now I can't stand food at all. I dread meal time due to excessive nausea.

    Nothing tastes normal, almost everything tastes off. Cheese of any type is out. Milk. Chips unbearable. Sweets of any type are gross. Even brushing my teeth is gross to me, but not brushing them is too so it is a fail/fail.
    Something will sound like it might be ok- so I will buy or make it then I can't take more than 1 bite.
    Hope this doesn't last until thanksgiving.

  • Scrambled eggs. I only want perfectly poached ones. Sweetgreen salads. Any bread other than super unhealthy whitest white bread, preferably dinner rolls. Actually I really want pillsbury right now. It's 6:30am. I have problems.
  • Chic fil et

    So sad - I used to eat it almost daily last pregnancy. But good as well since I'm trying to be healthier this time!

    But really - so many aversions and they change every few days. There were a few days when I couldn't even drink water but luckily Gatorade was okay. I don't like la croix anymore.

    Sweets- I like cake.
    Meat - I was able to eat some beef fajita yesterday yay!
    Carbs - generally okay but trying to avoid
    Fruit : veggies - carrots, grapes. Sometimes berries
  • coffee was one of my main food groups, and now i cant fathom the thought of drinking it. saaaad day
  • I cannot stomach the thought of eating a hamburger.  I normally love a good burger.  And I'll be at a restaurant now and think, maybe I'll get a burger!  Nope.  Instant queasy.  It's so bizarre. Everything I'm pretty good with - especially strong flavors like curry and onion and mexican sauces and jalapenos.  I could live on breakfast tacos right now though.  Luckily I'm in Texas.  hehehe

    And it's a good thing I gave up coffee because the thought of that makes me ill now, too.  I didn't go a day since I think 2010 without drinking a cup of coffee.  But I cut caffeine to be overly cautious due to my history and I don't miss the flavor it at all.  
  • We used to get spicy Vietnamese noodle bowls and spring rolls every Monday night and tragically that has ended. *barf*
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