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smell bad down there after birth... ?

I had my baby 19 days ago and for the last week or so my crotch / period has been really stinky!! Sorry TMI but I need to know if this is normal? It smells like sewage! and seems to be getting worse!

Re: smell bad down there after birth... ?

  • Dude, call your doctor.
  • It's probably normal (are you still bleeding?), but definitely call your doctor.

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  • It's probably the lochia, basically all the leftovers(Ick, I know) you can wait a bit and see if it goes away, or call your doc.

    I had an odd and not pleasant odor after a couple of weeks. Went and had a pap and everything was normal. It has since gone away, and nobody ever noticed it but me. Embarrassed as I was, I asked my SO, and he said he couldn't tell. I think our noses are still sensitive to smell at this point
  • It can be normal, but it can signal infection. You are only using pads, right? Nothing inside the vagina (to avoid infection)!

    Do you have any pus or differently colored discharge? Basically, I'd have your OB take a look & swab. Better safe than sorry.

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  • I would go to your OB! Better safe than sorry! Especially if you're worried about it.
  • Only pads. No pus. Just still bleeding a little. I wonder if it's just the pad getting stinky since I'm not bleeding as much, so it's going longer between pad changes...? I will call a nurse tomorrow and ask, just wanted to see if anyone had similar experience! :)
  • I had the same question! It smells like a period but worse! I asked family and they said it was normal. I also do think that it's also because you don't bleed as much as you did at the beginning so that pad may start to smell, but I'm pretty sure it's the blood since its blood that's been in there for awhile that needs to come out!
  • I asked around too after a few weeks. It seems normal - all the dregs that have been up there the last 9 months are coming out. Of course it's not going to smell good. I asked my mom and she had it too and she said if it didn't go away by 3 weeks then a see a doc. It went away.
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