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what will my heart do?

Hello! Just to preface this, I am not preggo get but want to be soon. Ive talked to my doctors already about it but want to see anyone else's experience.

Last year in Nov, I was hospitalized for "sinoatrial reentry tachycardia." Basically, this means that my heart is really sensitive and my baseline heart rate is high anyway. I'm 22, and when I was in high school I was on Metoprolol for palpitations and tachycardia, but insurance changed so it was expensive and I stopped taking it after like two and a half years. Last year I was working (im an RN at a hospital) and started feeling awful, went to the ER after trying to work for 2 hours. My heart rate as 160. They gave me some IV Metoprolol that worked for 30 or so minutes, then gave me something else that accidentally made it go up to 180. So I got admitted for 3 days. Since then I've been stable on Metoprolol. Talked to my cardiologist and my family doc. Metoprolol is class C so I've come off it. My cardiologist put in a prescription for me that's safe in 2nd and 3rd tri but not first so I can't take it until 2nd tri. I've been off everything since the 19th. I've been getting really tachycardic from 2pm-4pm daily. Usually around 140heart rate as high as 160. What can I expect when I actually get pregnant? If you've had this type of experience.

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  • Every person and case is going to be different. You need to discuss this with your OB.
  • Every person and case is going to be different. You need to discuss this with your OB.



  • Smh. I've already talked to them. My cardiologist said that I am okay to come completely off it OR be put on the other one (which thank you, bntfroggie, is Sectral.) I'd like to just hear other people's experiences actually.

  • I really hope you're not shaking your head at the PP. Their health has no bearing on yours, specifically for this kind of condition. If it helps, I have a chronic condition and I went to an obstetric physician who specialises in how chronic conditions and/or medications interact during pregnancy. Also, this is a public forum and you can't dictate the kinds of responses you're going to get.
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