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Puffy areolas?

My areolas on both breasts are puffy and swollen. They are almost numb to the touch. I've also noticed that my areolas are getting much bigger which I know is normal but upsetting at the same time. I naturally had larger areolas and I'm sad they're getting bigger. Can anyone else relate? Also, the puffy areolas are sometimes painful, how are you dealing with the pain if you've experienced this?

Re: Puffy areolas?

  • All normal parts of your boobs working toward breastfeeding.
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  • Yes, it's normal for them to swell sometimes. It's due to the increased blood flow to your breasts in preparation for feeding your baby. They may also darken. Mine darken in pregnancy too but then get a bit lighter postpartum. I don't even really remember what they looked like prebabies anymore lol. I've found coconut oil (the pure stuff!) to be amazing for nipple pain (also good for diaper rash and as a general moisturizer later on for baby or yourself).

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  • Totally normal. Mine did with DD and they are puffy and swollen even sooner this time. DH said, "yep, you're getting mom boobs again." LOL, thanks...

    I agree with PP, moisturizer can help with the pain/tingling a bit. I have heard a few people say that a heating pad relieves pain as well. I've found that if I wear a bra with a little padding (which kind of sucks because they are getting so big already) it helps to keep them from getting irritated as much. Just more of a buffer between them and anything else touching or brushing up against them. 
  • I've heard coconut oil works wonders on just about everything! I'll definitely try that and the padded bras because if this continues its gonna be a looooong 5 more months lol
  • I had to switch to a maternity/nursing bra for comfort. I love warm water running over them in the shower. I've never had hard nipples before... Between that and the darker areolas, kinda like wearing someone else's boobs. So glad they look like I'll be able to nurse though... I normally have inverted nips.
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