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Multiple MRI during pregnancy?

Hi there, I had an MRI around 21 weeks due to an ovarian tumor. That was torture enough as I'm a FTM and I wasn't sure how it was harming my baby. I didn't want to have to go through that again, but my Ob wants another MRI specifically for baby to check on her chin- in ultrasounds her chin looks recessed. (I also had a really bad overbite as a kid, where I needed a special headpiece to help when I had braces)

Is there anyone who's had multiple MRIs? I know they say MRIs are relatively safe but I'm just concerned about her hearing since the machine is loud. Thanks!

Re: Multiple MRI during pregnancy?

  • I think it should be fine. MRIs are safe, as they use a magnet, not radiation.

    As far as the sound, they say that our heartbeat and the sound of the blood pumping through our bodies sounds as loud as a vacuum cleaner and when we talk, it's like using a megaphone.

    Believe it or not, they're pretty protected in there, even from sound!
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  • Yep! They're risky safe. I had them for my baby's brain in utero at a children's hospital, I promise you they wouldn't have done that if it wasn't safe.
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  • @PlainJane8350 @wlbmom2013 thanks for the responses! My dr recommended I also have Valium since I reacted pretty badly my last MRI. They say it is safe, but I am just uncomfortable with taking meds during pregnancy! How did you deal?
  • My head wasn't "in" the tube. You can look up to look out, I did that and looked at the little air hole in front of me. Just don't look down into the tube.

    They would have let someone go into the tech's room with me, you could ask about that or ask them to talk to you over the loud speaker if you don't want to talk the valium. You could also ask if an open MRI is an option. I had one of those when I was having migraines.

    My doctor prescribed a small number of codein for me when I was pregnant and having really bad headaches, she said that being in pain, or in your case stressed out, is worse for the baby than the small amount of the drug that could make it to the baby. I'm certain that you're doctor wouldn't offer it to you at all if it were really bad for the baby.

    I do recommend dressing light and not wearing the robe or using the blanket that they offer you. I wasn't valium nervous, but I was nervous enough that I was already hot and didn't want anything extra on or on top of me.
  • @PlainJane8350 thanks for the info! I asked my head be not in the tube, but they didn't have the machine and would need to. I ended up declining it as the thought of an MRI caused more anxiety than anything. At 33 weeks, it won't fix/change anything and they say her chin is just mildly recessed (I had a bad overbite as a kid) so we are gonna go with our faith that it will be okay. If I wasn't pregnant, I could probably tough out the MRI, but I definitely cannot right now. :( thanks again! <3
  • @christinemelanie I think that'hs a good call. Ultrasounds are so subjective, I really do believe that she's fine. I believe that our attitudes of faith help, too, which I'm not always the best at! So try to stay positive, I really do believe that she knows it in there!
  • I've had two MRIs - one at 38w 6d and one two weeks prior at 36w 6d. So far baby seems the same active baby as always so I'm not worried. Just ask if they can put you in the lowest powered machine available. They put me in one that's 1/2 the number of teslas as the standard machine. Good luck.
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