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January 2016 Moms

Dear January 2016 Moms.

For the last 20+ weeks I have sat back, read discussions, and kept my mouth shut. That is coming to an end right now.

Let me start off by telling you a quick story. The day after Labor Day (20 weeks pregnant) I woke up early in the morning, gushing blood. After suffering a miscarriage in November 2014, I freaked out immediately and expected the worse. Why else would I be bleeding so much? We rushed to the hospital and spent 9 hours in labor and delivery trying to stop the bleeding. Luckily it was not related to baby and everything was going to be ok.
Fast forward to 2 weeks later, I was complaining to a family member about still dealing with the aftermath of my freak accident. She reminded me that it could be worse. I could have miscarried again. I could not be able to get pregnant at all.
Wow, when you think about it like that... Doesn't it make you stop and appreciate actually being pregnant?

There are women in this world who never get to see a positive pregnancy test. There are women who suffer multiple miscarriages. Being pregnant is a privilege. Not a right. Let's not forget that ladies! We should be supporting one another, building each other up. WE are the lucky ones!! It baffles me when I see people on here "attacking" others about their comments, views, discussions, etc. Who cares if someone starts a similar discussion to one that happened weeks ago. Who cares if someone asks how much weight other moms have gained. They probably just want to hear from real people that can relate. Who cares if someone has a drink or not. Who cares that your mother in law said that one thing to you that one time. Why are we not encouraging each other?! Why is there so much negativity on here? Why are there so many arguements?

Let us please not forget how fortunate we are to be on this journey. Let us try to be a little nicer to people. Let us try not to get so bothered about things that really don't matter when you look at the big picture. Whatever your situation, it could always be worse. Keep that in perspective please.

Let us not forget how blessed we are.

Re: Dear January 2016 Moms.

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