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Carrying super high?

I saw the thread on carrying low, but is anyone else carrying really high? I think I am, and I feel like baby girl is already pushing on my lungs, especially when I lay down. Last night I hardly slept because I just couldn't find a position where I felt like I could breathe properly. Does anyone else have this problem?

Re: Carrying super high?

  • I am! I am only 5'2 and I feel like I can barely breathe, my lungs are in my stomach and that my ribs are about to burst open. Also my boobs seem to now just rest on my stomach :(
  • At my last visit at 23 weeks my doc said I was measuring way larger than I should be. My fundus is already at my rib cage!! Getting a sono done in a few weeks to see why my baby is so big already. Maybe you are just measuring large too? Ask your doc at next app to see if they have any concern.
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  • At my last appointment my doc didn't mention anything about me measuring large. And at my 20 week ultrasound baby was measuring right on schedule. I just feel like my belly is sitting high, especially compared to how I remember feeling with my first! I will bring it up at my next appointment and see what my doc says.
  • Sounds like this is not your first baby, I have heard your uterus stretches out a lot faster due to previous pregnancies. If your doc is not concerned enough to mention it, I wouldn't worry
  • I'm right there with you!! I too find it hard to get my breath at times laying down. I was sitting down earlier, and my little one was really high above my belly button, I could feel his back against the skin, it was the most bizarre feeling, it's the first time he's been that high up!
    My boobs also rest on my bump now too, I'm still getting used too it! Pregnancy has been an interesting journey so far, what will the next 14 weeks have in store ;-)?! Xxxxxxxx
  • I feel like I am! I'm 5'3 and don't have a lot of torso room to start with. My boobs touch my belly now and I'm also feeling short of breath/lungs crowded.
  • Carrying high here as well. I'm not very tall (5'3") and have a small torso. Definitely makes it hard to breathe with the baby up so high. I carried my first high, and this one as well. This one hasn't quite gotten up to the rib cage yet, but she's very close (I'm 23+2). My first moved up to the ribs very quickly and wedged himself in there pretty good!
  • I have been since the beginning! I started showing way up my rib cage first even. I have twins, though so no sure if that would be the same with a singleton. I'm measured 34 weeks at 23 so it's more like a baby mountain rather than a baby bump!
  • This is my third baby, and the third that I've carried super high. I'm short but wide, and my kids just tend to hang out in my upper torso. It caused my doctor some confusion early on when he went looking for the heartbeat very low, and couldn't find it. It also results in me hiding my pregnancies a lot longer than my sister and friends who carry low and out, lol. Takes me forever to actually look pregnant. Even now at 26 weeks you can barely tell...
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