1st Trimester

Coworker miscarried the day I found out I was pregnant

My heart breaks for her, and I'm worried about how to announce my pregnancy when I'm ready to do so. Does anyone have any tips or advice? This is such a delicate situation that I don't even know how to proceed.

Re: Coworker miscarried the day I found out I was pregnant

  • I definitely agree with telling her separately, and maybe even first - maybe at the end of the day so she has time away from others if she needs it - then tell your co-workers afterward. Would you tell everyone in a meeting? Via an email? Just verbally one by one?

    I would also personally try to keep baby talk to a minimum around her - unless she or someone else directly asks you questions, I'd keep the extra chatter for another place and time. But...maybe once she knows she will really want to be kept in the know (and not excluded). In the coming months, and especially once you tell her, you'll know how to proceed with baby excitement around her.

    I think it's great you are being compassionate and thoughtful! :)
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