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Not finding out gender!

Hi I am Stella and I am 20 weeks. I am waiting to be surprised and not find out what it is! It is so exciting!
Anyone else not finding out?

Re: Not finding out gender!

  • So far, 50 something people aren't finding out, per the pinned poll at the the top of the page. Welcome!



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  • Welcome. We are team green as well!

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  • Welcome! We're team green as well. Our girls name choice is Stella too ;)
  • We are team green! LO was a surprise so we figure we should keep the surprise going up to the birth. Plus maybe a little something extra to look forward to at the end of labor.

    There are times my resolve wavers; like when practically anyone guesses boy or girl, but it is so much fun having a little mystery. I cannot wait to meet my little sea money, girl or boy.
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  • We keep going back and forth because originally we didn't want to know. We typically would only have one ultrasound, so once we're past that I'm good. Well, at our 19 week anatomy scan the found twins! Great! We're so excited, but now we'll have so many more chances to find out and I just feel like it might make a stressful planning situation a little easier. In the same light, our next ultrasound isn't going to be until Nov. and at that point we really only have a couple of months left...

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  • Yes, we are team green as well. Welcome.
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  • @roseyrose1984 "husband asked if we can not wait until babies third birthday to find out, just to annoy people"

    Sounds like my SO, he was indifferent about finding out but is loving how annoyed people are about not knowing whether to buy pink or blue.
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  • Yup, team green here too.  It's a lot of fun so stick with it and enjoy the ride :)
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  • Team green for us! Husband not quite on board but supporting my decision. Made it past our a.s. today without finding out, so hopefully in the clear
  • @mbrowling - and anyone else that has made it through your a.s.... How was the scan? Did you have to remind the tech 20 times you were not finding out? I keep getting nervous they are going to slip... Or show below the belt and not tell us to look away.
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  • The tech will ask you at the start. You don't need to remind them (I imagine they would find it quite distracting if you did). Had mine today and the first 30 mins was her taking measurements in silence. Then my family came in and she spent about 5 minutes showing them the baby. Seemed short to me, a little disappointing so we will do the 3d us to see a bit more.
  • @Soon2bStaff our tech is really awesome. She asked us at the beginning if we were finding out. And her way of getting around it was using both "he" and "she" several times to confuse us. Kind of funny actually
  • We aren't finding out either and we had a level 2 ultrasound. Our tech was fantastic and would tell us to close our eyes when she was approaching that region. Our ultrasound lasted 45 minutes so we got to see a lot of the baby and have some great pics! We go back at 32 weeks for a follow up (my first child was born with a congenital heart defect) to double and triple check the heart. So far, baby is looking great and we are thrilled!!!
  • Hubby and I are team green. We've had a lot of temptation to find out since I've had a kinda complicated pregnancy but we've held strong and are waiting until our LO birthday!!!!
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  • We only had to tell our tech once and in the entire hour she just said, "Okay, there's baby's spine..." And "Baby is moving so much today!" She didn't slip and she didn't need reminding. It would probably be kind of insulting if you kept telling the person.
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  • H and I wanted to find out what we were having, but in a way, I think H would have been happy to not find out because he was on the verge of driving 60 miles to bash my families heads together and tell them that the sex of the baby is not the most important thing. We had our scan yesterday and my family kept driving H crazy. He took it as them only caring about the sex of the baby and I had to explain to him that they weren't there for my pregnancy with DS so they are all excited and they don't know where their filters are about certain things. He didn't want to hear it, but he listened. When I told my family what the baby was, they started apologizing to my H because he wanted a girl and it's a boy. I'm glad I can keep my H in check sometimes though. He probably would have really gone off on my family if I wasn't around.
    So point to my story, lol, we probably should have been team green just to keep H from being upset with my family, but it's too late now.
  • I just went in for our first u/s yesterday and did a time warp from thinking 12 or 13 weeks to actually being18 weeks 1 day (surprise!) The tech then asked if we wanted to know (my husband wasn't able to come, but I know he really wants to know, while I have been team green) Since I will most likely only have this one scan, I said we did but she was unable to tell (since I'm not quite 19/20 weeks). Now I'm actually a little sad, but kind of excited too. We're having a Leap Baby!! :)
  • I am actually going for a third (yes, 3rd!) anatomy scan for this LO next week. The first time the tech said the baby's growth was a few days less than expected so I was going to need to repeat in a couple weeks.  So I went back 2 weeks later.  I thought that tech was able to get everything since she didn't tell me otherwise but when I saw my OB on Tuesday she said there was a note to repeat it AGAIN since they didn't get a clear enough shot of a heart valve.  She gave me the option to go again but wasn't going to make me.  For my own peace of mind to make sure everything's ok, next Friday will be session 3 and there's still no temptation to find out.

    Both techs asked right at the beginning of the appointment and were very good about saying baby. 

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  • We are team green, too! Well, I am 100% certain I want that surprise. And hubs would like to know...but he's entertaining my idea. I did have the u/s tech write the gender down in an envelope (we gave the envelope to a friend we can trust), and I will let him peek Christmas morning if he still wants to know. He would keep the gender a secret from me and everyone else (he's good like that). It's just my present to him!

    Either way, I will be waiting. I want my hubby to be the first one to tell me boy or girl once it pops out!
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