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Pain in right ovary then gush of discharge

This happened twice in the last two days. I felt a pinching feeling in my right ovary area and/or hip area and then went to the bathroom to find a lot of gooey discharge. Anyone experience something similar? Some background: 23 weeks. I know what RLP feels like and it wasn't this. Had a culture done for infection in my discharge due to an increased amount two weeks ago that came back negative.

Re: Pain in right ovary then gush of discharge

  • Always call a doctor for this, might be nothing, might be something. Not worth the risk. Do you still have discharge now? Is it watery? Honestly by the sounds of it is probably nothing, I had a gush of discharge earlier this month and it was nothing. But you should def get checked out.
  • Agreed. Always better to double check and feel secure than be wondering.
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  • It's better to check, but if it helps the exact same thing has happened to me a couple times. Sometimes it'll be the reverse order too, where the discharge happens then I get light cramping near my ovaries. I went and got checked out about a month ago and everything is fine, not leaking anything important. It still happens here and there but has gone down drastically over the last month. Deep breaths! :) keep drinking water and relax. The increase of water helped me a ton
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