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Registry / Gift List help needed - esp. UK Mums

Hi everyone!

It's my birthday coming up in December and with Christmas coming also I thought we'd set up a gift list on Amazon for the baby, and ask my family to get the baby presents instead of us. I was going to send out postcards with our latest 3D scan and the request plus gift list details.

Is this rude and/or cheeky? Any help with nice wording would be gratefully appreciated. It's not common to register or have showers in the UK (to my knowledge) so would be particularly interested in UK opinions, but all help welcome!

Thanks guys x

Re: Registry / Gift List help needed - esp. UK Mums

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    Hi I'm a UK mum and I agree it's not the done thing to have a list (registry) in the UK as it comes across as rude.

    But that said I don't think there's any issue in having one as long as you are sympathetic to people's feelings. What I mean by that is - do a registry of all the things you as a couple want and start to slowly let people know about it as and when the conversation crops up. For example if someone mentions "are you prepared for baby" you could say "well SO & I have put together a wish list at John Lewis of all the things we need/would like & we are slowly plugging through it" at which it would give them the perfect opportunity to offer "oh I'd like to buy something for baby - could you email your list to me" or "well it's your birthday coming up, perhaps I could buy you something from your list if you like". If you get the idea - that way it's not to pushy or rude. So I'm all for dropping it into the conversation somehow but not being so out there with it. That's how we do things in the UK right? In answer to your question you could put a P.S on cards if you choose to send out a scan pic (if you'd like to get me a birthday present, as we have a lot to buy, I would love something for baby please from our baby list) but I don't how you could do it without it coming across as you single purpose for sending out the cards! So I would personally opt for the 1st idea as I think that would be more socially acceptable.

    Good luck x
  • I agree with PPs. I live in the US so I have made a registry at the request of my US family (and for the completion discount!) but I know my UK family would not appreciate being sent a link, so I am only sharing it if they specifically ask what I want for Christmas/Birthday (Dec too), or if they ask if there is anything in particular I would like for the baby. I know most of my UK family/friends will enjoy shopping for baby clothes and picking things out themselves, rather than going through a list I have made. 

    I cant think of any way to send out the card without it looking pretty rude and gift grabby, I like the suggestion to request Amazon vouchers instead. 
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  • I had never ever heard of a baby register until I joined the bump!
    Asking for things for the baby for your birthday/Christmas is a great idea. It was my birthday in September so I just wanted things for myself, since it was my last birthday before I'm a mummy but for Christmas I will only be asking for baby things.
    Expecting people to buy you gifts just because you are having a baby is rude, however if they were going to get you a gift anyway I don't think anyone will be offended.
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