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What's for dinner tonight?

I feel like I've reverted back to the first trimester where NOTHING sounds appealing to me, and I need ideas for dinner tonight.

Recipes welcome 

Re: What's for dinner tonight?

  • Brown rice, chicken and veggie stir fry. Cantaloupe and vanilla fro yo for dessert.
  • Barbaque chicken with mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, and dinner rolls. Brownies for dessert.
  • We couldn't figure out anything so I'm having chicken cordon Bleu stuffed chicken breast n french fries. Tomorrow I'm making homemade split pea soup n cornbread :)
  • Thats funny, I was saying the same thing today as well.  I am starving, but nothing is appealing to me.  I have no idea what I am doing for dinner tonight because of this!
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  • Spaghetti squash lasagna boats
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    Spaghetti squash lasagna boats

    What kind of deliciousness is this? Share details pls!
  • Spaghetti squash lasagna boats

    What kind of deliciousness is this? Share details pls!
  • Garlic chicken and velveeta with a veggie, not sure which one yet. I'm eating the mac n cheese now before my dr tells me I can't anymore!
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  • Pasta with tomato sauce and chicken. I agree Im reverting back to trimester one. I also have started getting nauseous again if I get hungry..
  • London broil, baked red potatoes and roasted asparagus
  • Stuffed shells (spinach and chicken sausage) baked with tomato sauce and cheese
  • Lovely lasagne mmmmm!! And a triple chocolate cookie for desert, yes ;-) xx
  • All of you with your well-rounded meals, and here I am planning chili mac. Lol it's been one heck of a Monday.
  • Homemade one pan teriyaki chicken and veggies with a side of fried rice.
  • Late to the party, but I just made Bangers and Mash, with roasted carrots, onion gravy and a brussel sprout/bacon/cranberry side. (In case it wasn't obvious, I'm from the UK lol)
  • CandKS said:
    I feel like I've reverted back to the first trimester where NOTHING sounds appealing to me, and I need ideas for dinner tonight.

    Recipes welcome 
    This is so me. I spent over an hour at the grocery store trying to come up with inspiration. I ask DH and he asks for the same 3 meals we've already been resorting to. BBQ, chicken cordon bleu and pizza. I need some variety but have no idea what. Thanks for this thread, I needed some suggestions!!

  • I feel like a college kid over here with what I ate tonight.  I made a grilled cheese sandwich with sharp cheddar, with a handful of nacho cheese doritos.  As I scrolled through to read the responses I washed it down with a glass of milk and two oreo cookies for dessert. lol 

  • Marinating steaks to grill :)
  • Portobello mushrooms stuffed with ground turkey marinara sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese and a pepper.
  • Spanakopita. With lemon meringue pie for dessert (because it was on sale and I have no self control).
  • Soba noodle veggie stir fry with some egg for protein :-)

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  • Slow cooker chickpea coconut curry! Good god I love my crock pot.


  • I have found make quiche has been a good dinner. Ive made it with onion cheese broccoli and spinach and it was mmm good! Great as leftovers too
  • Lol. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. I'm too tired to cook. My feet are swollen. And I've already spent 8 hours in a hot kitchen.
  • Pot roast with buttered noodles and green beans
  • mac and cheese. I want a milkshake. I miss being able to eat vegetables. I feel like I eat like a 4 year old. Sigh. 
  • I made Italian sausage with peppers, onions and marinara . Tomorrow I'm making pork roast in the slow cooker which I will use for enchiladas (my favorite!!!!!)
  • Anything with A1 sauce at the moment.
  • OP, me too! I couldn't even read the other posts on this thread because one of the first ones mentioned chicken. I'm 26 weeks, barely had any aversions prior to this or my whole last pregnancy, and now the thought of white meat chicken makes me never want to eat again. I keep adding to the list of gross foods this week.

    Poor DH is going to be cooking non stop because I'll eat anything he cooks.

    Tonight he made a delicious sesame seed crusted salmon with a miso sauce with sushi rice and these delicious Japanese style veggies flavored with something wonderful. I think he's picking up ice cream sundae supplies right now.
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