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I need some opinions

has anyone seen this before!?
it's invetween my breasts and it's itchy.
I have had it now for about 2 months but it is way worse today more red and bigger.

any ideas?

Re: I need some opinions

  • What did your doctor say it was? I would email him or her that picture? Could it be heat rash?
  • I does kind of look like a heat/sweat rash, but I would contact your doctor/nurse.  Even if someone does guess correctly what this is, it's not like they can do anything to help.

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  • I would definitely consult your doc, but pregnancy can cause all sorts of skin discolorations- especially in areas that experience a lot of changes in size like breasts/stomach/etc. It's often accompanied by itchiness because your skin is being stretched and is most likely drier than usual. Like I said, check with your doc, but in the mean time I'd say start lotioning whenever it's itchy, and especially after showers; see if that does anything to help.
  • I had something like that my last pregnancy. It was a yeast infection in between my breasts. I have big breasts by they way. I had to go to the doctors to get stuff because not everything is alright to take when pregnant and it was late in my pregnacy and I was planning on breastfeeding so she was really careful with what she gave. I say go see a doctor.
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  • Looks like either heat rash or a bacteria infection show your provider nystatin cream is usually what they suggest.
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