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Have your dogs jumped on your belly?

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I am 23wk4d and this past weekend I had both my dogs at separate times jump on my belly. I have a doctors appt. on October 1st. I've been reading and as long as I'm not cramping or bleeding down there then I should be fine, which I'm not doing either. My dogs are both American Staffordshire Terriers which is the correct terminology for Pitbulls. They are both obedient and do not regularly jump on me, but on a rare two occasions they happen to hurt me. My 80lb one jumped on the right side of my belly while I was standing up and he was excited and he pushed off of me. He made me stumble backwards and afterward I was just a little sore. My 70lb pit bounced on my belly right below my belly botton this morning while I was laying on my left side, he didn't land on it but I felt the pressure of his paw and immediately woke up. After both occasions baby boy started moving around and was disturbed and this morning he was obviously woken up. No bleeding, no cramping just sore and sensitive in the two places my dogs touched. Has anyone else had this happen?

Re: Have your dogs jumped on your belly?

  • I had my MILs dog jump on my stomach but she only weighs 5 lbs so I tried not to freak out. I also bumped my belly into someone when they turned around by accident. I've been fine, but you should just call your doctor and ask one of the nurses if you should come in.
  • My cat (though a lot lighter then your dogs) literally lays and walks on my stomach at night time. She likes she snuggle the bump and steps on it when shes about to say down. I wondered if her just simply walking on my stomach was bad but the baby is so well padded that I dont think its a concern. If you're worried ask the dr but Like you said if you arent cramping or bleeding or in pain you should be ok.. Let us know what the doc says!
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  • I think you have the right idea- as long as you have no signs of fetal distress, you should be fine. My dogs are only ~25lbs, but they legitimately jump flat onto my stomach when I'm laying down. I called my doc freaking out and he said exactly what it sounds like you're doing- watch for bleeding, cramping, less movement, etc, but baby is still pretty well-protected right now. Definitely try to avoid it happening, and if it will make you feel better your doc should offer you an ultrasound, but it sounds like you're ok.
  • Sorry this happened. Your body will protect you baby now while in utero. It's a good thing you have a doctors appointment coming up soon to provide you with some more reassurance. If this was your baby outside your belly, it's going to be a different story. Maybe start training, practicing for when baby comes now so it won't be such a surprise for your dogs. Set up ALL your baby stuff (swings, exersaucers, carseat) with a doll or teddy bear so they know not jump up or on the seats or you. I bet they will learn quickly, dogs are so intuitive and smart when it comes to babies, they will quickly learn who the new "pack leader" is!
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    I have four dogs(I know I'm crazy), three yorkies 7 to 10lbs and a lab mix thats 90lbs and they jump on me all the time!!! At first I freaked and kind of got mad at them and they always looked so confused which made me feel bad cause they don't know I'm pregnant. I asked my Dr if I should be worried and she laughed. She said if second and third time moms are alright with there two year olds and five year olds jumping on them all the time you shouldn't have to worry about your dogs. After I thought of it like that it made me giggle that I was worried :) my dogs have gotten better, since there lab dogs I had to do a little retraining not to jump on my belly but it still happens.. What do you do, dogs will be dogs :)
  • Lurking from Feb ;)

    I don't have dogs jumping on me but I do have 4 two year olds who like to use my belly as a trampoline, step stool, arm rest etc and you're right...as long as you're not bleeding or cramping, don't worry. You could use this as a nice time to teach them to not jump on people. Especially given that there will be a tiny fragile human around here soon.
  • No, I have not had this happen because my dog is very well trained and obedient. Some classes might be a good idea to prevent this from happening again, especially if it makes you worry for future jump ups. I hope all is well with baby, it sounds like you are OK.
  • My dog is a 100 pound leonberger. She's exuberant when I come home. She jumps on or around me on a very regular basis. Your baby is very well protected and if there's no sign of distress, I wouldn't worry about it. I would try and teach some alternate behaviors, if possible (says me, who gets jumped on almost daily. ha!)
  • My two dogs have absolutely no regard for the fact I am sat on the sofa and happily walk over me. I do try to protect myself but sometimes the odd paw gets a nice dig in my tummy! Sometimes I am worried but I haven't had any real pain or anything afterwards.
    They're puppies and excitable and I do worry about them jumping up and even more so when baby is here but I'm sure it will all be okay!
  • I have a nearly 10 month old baby (25 lbs) who is constantly climbing, sitting, falling on me as well as two 110 lb pit bulls who insist that they are lap dogs. They've elbowed me, jumped on me, sat in my lap, etc. No problems so far, although we have definitely worked on other behaviors to avoid future incidents.
  • Im 25+6 but when I was around 12 weeks my dog jumped off the back of the couch right onto my stomach. He's a pug and only weighs about 25lbs but it was hard enough to make my eyes water. I freaked out and called the doc and they basically said to watch for cramping/bleeding. But in hind sight, our bodies are made to protect the little bundle of joy inside us and it would take a lot more than a dog to hurt them.
  • I posted a thread a little while ago about how I work with dogs and was concerned. I got some really great feedback! It sounds like you are doing okay, especially if you aren't experiencing any symptoms. I work at a dog shelter and get jumped on by dogs of all sizes pretty much everyday. I'm very good at blocking them, but I catch a dog to the abdomen every so often. I'm tall so I think that has worked in my favor during my pregnancy. I talked to my dr this week about my concerns with work and she wasn't too worried about it. My own dogs who are well trained are by no means perfect, they still get excited sometimes and jump up on me. Dogs are dogs and no matter how well you train them they might make mistakes. It sounds like you were sleeping during one occasion and that it was an accident. So I don't understand how pp thinks this is a training issue. Especially since you also stated that this was a rare incident and your dogs are well trained.
  • I LOVE PITBULLS! Mine weighs about 60 pounds. 60 pounds of love. She has jumped on my belly and has lost her privilege of laying in my lap. Baby and I are both healthy
  • In other words, she doesn't jump on me, she is a snuggler and if shes laying in my lap and hears something she jumps OFF of e\me. Shes so sweet, but thats a bit much
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