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Attn. Moms of one or more child: Britax B-Ready or Chicco Trio Travel System

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I'm a first time mom due this February. I'm in between the Britax b ready and the Chicco trio. I love the look of the b ready and the fact that I can make this into a double stroller. Being that I'm only going on my first kid, do I need to worry about purchasing a stroller that has the option of becoming a double or just stick to the single stroller? Thanks for your help!

Re: Attn. Moms of one or more child: Britax B-Ready or Chicco Trio Travel System

  • Are you looking for recommendations on which one to get?

    I have the Britax B-Ready, my nanny kids have one, my best friends has one, yadda yadda yadda. I love it for two kids. I have never used any of the chicco strollers except the Chicco Echo
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  • Thanks Elsa! I didn't realize the rest of my query didn't post! Sorry about that. Overall, yes I want to know which is the better stroller. I am pregnant for my first but am already trying to think ahead. Should i stick with a stroller that has the double stroller option or choose a single stroller ?
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  • If budget isn't an issue and you like the B Ready I would go with it. We have the city select which is pretty much the same type of set up, can be a double, and we love it.
  • I would say that if you are planning on having another child right away, then I would go for the B-Ready. Then you can use it as a stroller with the carseat, move onto the stroller with seat, then onto the stroller with carseat, and then onto the double seat. One stroller, many options. 

    I will forewarn though, we bought the B-Ready with that plan in mind, and ended up deciding to wait to have any additional children. It is a pretty big stroller (even as a single), so we hardly use it, unless I want to attach the lower seat and take a friends child to the zoo or something. Other than that, it has been collecting dust in our garage. When we go somewhere and end up needing a stroller, we now always reach for the Chicco Echo. We were so gung-ho that we WERE going to have kids close in age, and thought it was a great purchase at the time. If I could do it all over again, I wish that I would have gotten something smaller (like the City Mini), and then waited until pregnant with the second. Then I would know if kid #1 even wanted to go in the stroller anymore (some kids will fight tooth and nail), or even NEEDED to go into the stroller, and determine if I needed a double stroller. Then if I needed one, sell the City Mini, and use that money towards a double. Because now I have a $499 stroller, with an additional $150 second seat attachment, that is collecting dust in our garage. My daughter is almost 4, and by the time we have another, she will be over the age of 5, and wont need to be in a stroller (she loves walking most of the time), and we will be taking a huge loss to sell the B-Ready and get a City Mini (single stroller) when kid #2 comes along. 
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  • Elsa thank you so so so much for your advise. What you wrote is extremely helpful!!!
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