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Jelly Beans

So I did my glucose test today with the jelly beans (as I mentioned on the glucose thread, I had an early screening because of my PCOS with the drink). Having done both methods ---- I just want to say the drink was so much better -- it tasted better and was much easier to drink than it was to eat that number of jelly beans. I just felt like I was on a food eating contest. I know the drink probably has crazy chemicals in it, but the drink tasted about 1,000 x healthier than what I just did. I will never eat a jelly bean again.

Re: Jelly Beans

  • I plan to drink the drink but just out of curiosity, how many jellybeans did you have to eat?
  • I think it was 28 of the big jelly beans in 5 minutes. They counted for me so I'm not 100% positive but I think that was what she said. I'm a girl who gets her calories from the savory not sweet so my body feels crazy right now!!
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  • 10oz of 100% grape juice is a much better alternative than jelly beans, FYI. 
  • I've got a huge sweet tooth so the jellybeans and grape juice probably wouldn't bother me but I'm still going to stick with the drink. I've got other things that I want my ob to give me the green light on further into my pregnancy so I don't want to make too many requests early. She's already flatout denied one of my big requests (I agree with her reasoning) and I plan on pushing the issue as I get further along so I don't want to rock the boat now.

    Hope you're feeling better OP and that you pass the screening!
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