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Upper Right Stomach Pain! Anyone else?

I'm 25 weeks and I've been experiencing upper right stomach pain for over a week now. My OB says its muscular however I know it's not. It's constant, sometimes it's a 5 sometimes it's a 8 on a scale of 1-10. Sometimes it's throbbing, sometimes it's dull and achy and sometimes it's shooting. I went to my urologist as I have a history of kidney stones. Even though they have found crystals in my urine and white blood cells, they don't think it's kidney related due to the location of my pain. He mentioned gallbladder but that there's not much anyone can do for me during my pregnancy. That being said I'm at a loss. I'm in so much pain and I feel like I need to go to the ER but don't want to be a crazy first time pregnant person - but want to do what's right for me and my baby. Help!

Re: Upper Right Stomach Pain! Anyone else?

  • If it is your gallbladder they can do something during 2nd tri. Your doc should definitely be checking into this. Keep pushing for the care you need.
  • So they just leave you in pain??? That's nuts!
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  • Where is the pain located? I am having a similarly described pain today 2-3 inches right and about an inch above my belly button.
  • I've been having on and off pain in the exact same spot for about a week @kmo8986. Sometimes it hurts more than others. Of course it started right after my OB appt last Monday and I haven't bothered to call yet. It's definitely not as intense as yours @COLEYCOCO.
  • This type of pain can be indicative of two serious complications in pregnancy. You need to get a second opinion and make sure you get a thorough assessment. If the pain occurs after you've eaten meals, particularly heavy, high fat meals, chances are it could be your gallbladder (which, if in crisis, can definitely be treated during pregnancy. Some women get theirs removed while pregnant). Preeclampsia is associated with right upper quadrant pain as well, and is very serious. Make sure that you get this checked out immediately, and do not wait to call/see your providers.
  • Go to the ER. I went and ended up getting my gall bladder out at 17 weeks pregnant. If you OB is doing nothing, then definitely go to the ER.
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  • A friend of mine described having pain like that. It ended up that the baby was pressing up against one of her ureters. There wasn't anything to be done except wait until the baby moves, but at least if it's that it isn't a serious complication. I agree that you should seek a second opinion.
  • I had that with my first and they thought I had appendicitis. It was muscular in the end and went away in about a week. My sister in law had something similar too and hers ended up being her gull bladder.
  • I am having a similar pain - left side but higher. It's right along my upper ribs and just below my breast. I heard it could be trapped gas. I feel it while sitting usually later in the day. I have an appt with my DR this Friday, but might move it up. It's been going on for about a week and a half.
  • I would go to the ER or get another opinion. I was diagnosed with gallstones at 17ish weeks. They said since mine were small diet should hopefully work and it has. I didn't have as much pain as I did not being able to keep food down but I know that upper right pain is a sign of gAllbladder problems. However if your having pain it's worth getting checked out.
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