Pregnant after a Loss

How have you handled anxiety??

I am now 11 weeks pregnant and everything seems to be going well so far. We had a scare at 9 weeks with bleeding but baby was fine. We lost our last pregnancy at 6 weeks, and I can't seem to stop worrying about another miscarriage. I find myself worrying about every twinge. How have you handled anxiety in pregnancy after a loss?

Re: How have you handled anxiety??

  • One day at a time. I'll be 11 wks thursday. Every good u/s helps but i still have anxiety and am scared something will happen. It definitely changes you. Congrats on your pregnancy and enjoy all the moments of relief you can find!
  • I agree, one day at a time. Sometimes one hour at a time. My first 5 weeks before I had an ultrasound were terrifying. Then after the good us I felt relief for about a week. Now my anxiety is creeping in again. I have a check up on Thursday at 11 weeks and am hopeful I will feel some relief after that. After our first trimester NT scan- I think I'll finally feel excited and relieved about this baby.
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  • I agree with the one day at a time, usually I like the weekends because we keep busy and it usually gets me out of my own head.  Try and keep busy and focus on other things.
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  • Taking it one day at a time has really been the best advice I have gotten.


    When I start getting stressed out, I just tell myself "Today I am pregnant and today, everything is OK." It helps.

  • I've started having panic attacks because I'm so scared to experience another loss. Our last was at seven weeks, and in 5 1/2 now. I can't seem to calm myself down and it doesn't help that my husband is out of town!
  • I have three prayers:
    1) thank you that i am pregnant today.
    2) if this baby is not to be, please take it today and let me body know it.
    3) let everything be bery clear one way or the other at my next appt.

    And then i tag on all the healty strong baby stuff. I would not have been able to pray those with my first or second pregnancy. Alot of growth has happened this year.
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