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Are you sure your not having twins?

Yes I'm sure. No that's not funny.

Re: Are you sure your not having twins?

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  • Had someone from work ask me if I only had 3/4 weeks left...

    Sometimes I wonder if there are two in there myself... But baby boy is just a big ol ball right in front.
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    I'm feeling the same - I haven't had the twin comment yet but I have had the "oh" response when I say I'm due in January as if I'm way too big for this stage! I am self conscious about it & I am flipping huge already - really sucks as I swear I was not this big with my last 3 and I "know" with my last I was not but that was a girl. This boy is huge already. I'm finding I'm adopting a waddle already and I have to do that weird bum shuffle cat stretch thing when I get off the sofa :(

    Although hubby was sweet (unlike him lol) and said today "I think you have got to your biggest and it will stop now and that's how big you'll be" bless him for trying to comfort me.

    I think I'm going to brave the + size shops tomorrow since most the regular maternity wear doesn't seem to fit my shape.
  • That's poop last poster - sending you hugs xxx
  • kkfl2m+b said:

    I am having somewhat the opposite problem. Even though I can tell how much bigger/rounder I am and I know I don't look rounder because I'm carrying in the back, people insist on telling me that I don't look pregnant and just look like other girls with big bellies..... It's like SToP I don't want to hear that I look fat and not pregnant!!

    I'm with you. I love being asked if I'm just getting fat or if I'm pregnant.
  • I'm 25 weeks tomorrow and a woman in church last week told me that she didn't even realize I was pregnant until my mom mentioned it the week before. Guess I just looked fat?!? It is very obvious that I'm pregnant, you can even tell from behind! :(( So either I look fat or maybe I issued one too many Sunday services ;)
  • I'm pretty sure if someone ever said anything like that to me, I'd make sure they felt so badly about it that they never said anything like that to another pregnant woman. Just because I'm growing a human does not make me public property, nor does it mean that I give 2 shits about some random stranger's opinion about my body. And it sure as hell doesn't give anyone the right to tell me that I'm too "big".

    Just no. 
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    I wish people understood that I am having twins. I have had more people not believe me and say among other things, "wait you? Maybe you just THINK you are".

    I ran into an old boss the other day. He asked how I was. I was starting to pat my belly and say we are expecting twins. The resturant was loud and he interrupted saying "yeah. The portions are big here." When I repeated myself his wife yelled "Twins? As in 2? You? Now?"

    Yes, I am fat to begin with but it doesn't feel any better when people think you are lying or don't know what's going on in there.
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  • I had a lady ask how far along i was, after responding she then looked shocked said i was small and asked "are you sure everythings okay?" repeatedly.

    -my daughter is actually measuring 3 days ahead. But as a first time mom and the excruciating wait between appts of course got me panicking. I wouldn't say one is less rude than the other but..People suck!
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    Lurking. .. I have been told by many people that I look great which makes me feel good but also at the same time I don't want you to comment at all ! BUT my big fat boss asked me if I was sure there was only 1 in there. He says comments like this all the time! It's hilarious bc he is like Santa Claus fat or bigger! I am like area you kidding me right now? It's already starting and I am only 21 weeks pregnant?
  • Someone told me today that I look like I'm about to explode... I'm only 25+2.
  • I havent had any comment on my pregnancy except one on Facebook and they asked was there one or two. And yesterday i got asked for the first time when i was due by a store clerk . But the rudest has to be my half sister she told me my but was getting big(which it isnt ) idk how she would know this when i havent seen her in 10 years and she tried to argue with me when i told her it hasn't gotten bigger.
  • My husband's grandmother keeps asking how much weight I've gained everytime i see her.... the first time she asked and i told her how much her reply was "yep... i can see it in your face. Your face is getting fuller." this past week she asked again and her response "have they not put you on a limit yet?!"
    Do what?! 23w4d with twins and I thought gaining 20 pounds was alright, considering i was tiny to begin with. And im guessing so do the doctors since they havent said anything. Makes me not want to visit her.
    Hate how people can be so rude.
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    I am almost 26 weeks and yesterday I went to visit my sister and she asked me are you sure you are not carrying twins ? And you look 9 month pregnant. It was not very nice
  • Size comments are so least once I week I get told by someone that I'm either way to small to be this pregnant, or way to big to big this pregnant, often on the same day!  I admit before I got pregnant I thought for some reason telling a pregnant woman she looked thin was the polite thing to do, NEVER again!
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    My belly popped out early and then grew a lot about a month ago and hasn't much since. So I've gone from comments about how big I looked to now comments about how small I look. I'm sure it'll swing back the other way soon. It doesn't matter to me because I I take both as complements. Either my baby bump is extra big, cute and round or I'm fit and wearing the pregnancy weight well. ;)

    ETA: someone should make a YouTube series teaching people how to comment on pregnant women's bodies. It would mostly just be perfecting delivery of, "you look great! Congratulations!" Advanced topics could include:
    Pregnancy really suits you. You look beautiful! Look at that glow.
    You say you're gaining too much weight? It must all be going to your baby because I'd kill for your ass and legs.
    You're worried you haven't gained enough weight? Nonsense, you look perfect to me.
  • Related - every single day the same person in the office asks if I've "popped" yet and inspects my body in front of everyone.  I am a FTM and 22 weeks, 2 days.  I have a fairly noticeable low bump but I haven't fully popped yet.  If this goes on I'm going to go insane.  I may not pop til week 25 or 26!  Plus... why does anyone else care?  I'm already self conscious about my stomach (I don't have a cute bump, it's like the lower half is baby and the upper half is fat) so I'd prefer if there wasn't a public inspection of my bump on a daily basis!  

    I know she means well and is a nice person but I wish pregnant women's bodies weren't like, considered fair game for conversation all the time. 
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    I am continuously getting the blank stares and "shocked "faces when I say I am due in January . And the wow ! You have a ways to go then .

    The thing is I have let these comments effect my self esteem so much I even lied one time and said my due date was "the holidays " rather than jan 15 .

    I really love my bump too. I love that I finally look pregnant not fluffy . What the hell is wrong with people! And why the hell do I let these comment effect me !
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    An acquaintance told me today "Wow you're so big! Well this is the only time in your life you can put on loads of weight and nobody will judge you, so it's ok that you look like a house". 

    Um, thanks... 

    FTM 23+5, I know I have a pretty big bump but I'm not sure it qualifies me as a house. 
  • I am 25+5 FTM and my brother in laws girlfriend is 2 1/2 weeks further along than I am. I am constantly being judged that my bump is bigger than her's and being told that I am getting to big to quick! Me being 5'8 and plus size, being compared to a 5'0 and 90 lbs bean pole is like comparing apples to oranges. I know my baby girl is healthy and I try to let negative comments roll off my back, but man is it hard, especially coming from family.
  • I want to give all of you hugs. My tolerance for people has gone WAY down since becoming pregnant and just reading all of these is getting my blood boiling!

    If people could just stick to "you look great!" I would be happy. Unfortunately just today someone I hadn't seen in a while said "WHOA! LOOK AT YOU!" and proceeded to rub my belly. I totally snapped and said "well, I am pregnant with twins, what did you expect me to look like??"

    In hindsight she probably didn't mean anything negative by it but I couldn't help it.
  • Ebiejay said:

    An acquaintance told me today "Wow you're so big! Well this is the only time in your life you can put on loads of weight and nobody will judge you, so it's ok that you look like a house". 

    Um, thanks... 

    FTM 23+5, I know I have a pretty big bump but I'm not sure it qualifies me as a house. 
  • I've been getting the "are you sure there aren't two in there" question for a while. I told my doctor and she showed me the bottom of my rib cage to the top of my hip bone and said the baby has no place to go but out because I have a naturally small waist. But I also think when people hear we are due in January, they think "next year!!" instead of "oh that's only 3 months away"... :-/
  • You know what @Smoochie789 that is a good point! That might be what people are thinking! I'd never considered that!! Still I'd like it if they didn't imply I look bigger/smaller than I "should" lol. But some people just have no filter.
  • I just was a substitute teacher at my school from last year and everyone was HILARIOUS mostly because I hadn't told everyone I was pregnant. It had made it's way around but anywho... I got reactions from "how did you hide it for 5 months" (it was like 1.5) and "you're not due until JANUARY" now I found it funny because these people are awesome, but I did have a couple that I wasn't particularly close to say things like "you're just popping out the front there" and "kids better watch out when you turn"
    I like my big bump (only 24 +2) and as long as it's people I know I'm cool with it. But as soon as a random stranger who thinks they're all that and a bag of potatoe chips comments I'll be going all Mommy death glare on their a$$ ;)
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    I swear people tend to forget you have to let the baby grow for 9 months.. Love when they say like WOW u have 3 more months to go, so far away... Yes I have three months to go because you are pregnant more then a week you stupid ass. The baby needs to grow which means the mother grows with the baby. You don't pop a baby out overnight. Legitly never realized how dumb some people actually are.
  • Oh gosh! It's amazing what we all go through. As if growing a human isn't enough, now we have to deal with these kinds of comments. I popped at about 14 weeks, and people kept asking me about twins. Even when I said no it's only one and has been confirmed, they still insisted!

    Now it's the opposite. I still and 1 lb below my starting weight. I have a belly but have lost the weight in other places. I am 26.5 weeks and people don't believe me. I'm getting excited because my due date is quickly approaching, but people keep telling me I have so much time.

    My dad always told me that opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one. Just try to realize that their opinion is not important and that you are beautiful no matter how you carry!
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