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  • Oh I absolutely will be wearing make-up and my hair will be done.  When DD was born, via c-section, I did my hair in a braid (knowing that I wouldn't be able to shower for a day or so) and I did my make-up.  The anesthesiologist was amazing!  When DD was born, I started crying and he wiped my eyes in the correct way so that my mascara wouldn't run.  

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  • Fullerj21 said:

    @DrillSergeantCat that's awful! Have you tried different brands?

    3 different brands so far. Every time...stye in the exact same spot on my right eye. 

    Have you tried any organic brands?
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  • I had on makeup for my daughter's birth, but only what I'd put on that morning. By the time she was born, my mascara was smudged and the rest was completely gone from laboring in the tub and having a cool washcloth on my face. I love the pictures of us right after she was born--they are real life. I also packed my makeup and wore it while I was in the hospital because I wear makeup every day. The picture we posted to fb was of me and the baby the day after she was born, so I had makeup on.
  • I had a pretty quick labor...went in at 10:30am, had my son at 7:00pm.  I put make up on before I went to the hospital and it stayed. 

  • I didn't last time but I think I will throw bb Cream and lipgloss along with a small hair brush and hair tie in my overnight bag. I looked like a zombie last time in my post- birth pictures.
  • Fullerj21 said:
    @DrillSergeantCat that's awful! Have you tried different brands?
    3 different brands so far. Every time...stye in the exact same spot on my right eye. 
    Have you tried any organic brands?
    No, but that's next.

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  • First time around no makeup, pictures look TERRIBLE. I plan on at least mascara brows and a little bronzer . I would like at least one frameable picture..
  • Won't take or wear makeup. I really doubt I will be bothered to take it off after and I want to be as relaxed as possible. It's not a fashion parade and it's at a one looks good there
  • I'm having a scheduled c section and I definitely plan to put on some makeup before we leave for the hospital. It may sound stupid, but the first time around I didn't start to feel normal again until I started to look like myself again. Being in the hospital sucks and mentally it's tough because I was feeling bad and really exposed, so putting on some makeup and doing my hair made me feel a little bit more human again.
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  • So I plan to put some in my bag (tinted moisturizer, eyeshadow and mascara), but I have no intention of using it until after. I'm going to ask family that no pictures of me be put on social media until after I have showered, etc.

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  • Kudos to y'all going full glam here... I barely wear make up as is (eye shadow and mascara) and I'm sure some of y'all would gasp that I'm probably not even using the right brushes. I agree if it makes you feel better, go for it, you need all the help you can get sometimes after labor to feel pretty. I remember that first shower and actually blow drying my hair made me feel Ah-mazing so screw the foundation/lipstick I'm bringing my blow dryer and straightener!

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  • I completely understand, I plan to have my lipstick & gloss in tote. I'm also thinking about getting a mani & pedi, I don't want to look a complete hot mess when he gets here. Plus I want to look decent for the pictures. 
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