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Baby carrier recommendations?

I'm a first time mom-to-be so I'm pretty clueless. Do any moms have baby carrier recommendations? Looking at online reviews, I was thinking of going with Ergo baby. I do want it to be as ergonomic as possible since I tend to have back issues. Would you recommend this brand, or any others? Also, does anyone have a recommendation between the Ergo 360 or the original.  My initial thought is that I don't really need the 360 because the biggest difference is allowing the baby to face forward, and also it has a lower weight limit. Do you ever carry your baby forward facing and recommend a need for it?


Re: Baby carrier recommendations?

  • Forward facing is bad for the baby's hips. I think the Ergo 360 may have addressed that somehow, but check to be sure. Other moms here probably know too.

    I love the ergo performance. We got the infant insert but probably didn't need to because we mostly used ring slings when the babies were little. I loved ring slings for carrying around fussy newborns (there are safe and unsafe ways to carry newborns. YouTube videos can be helpful) and the ergo for hiking.

    I'd keep tags on whatever you buy in case you find it doesn't work for you. You may also be able to borrow a friend's baby to try different carriers out or find a store that has baby sized weights you can try with. REI has those but I don't think they carry any every day wraps or carriers.
  • I have the ergo and used it with my first 2. I loved it! I used the newborn insert when they were newborns. Both my babies were big (8 and 9 pounds), I am not sure I would have liked the newborn insert if they had been smaller.

    I will use the ergo again and am thinking of getting a Boba wrap this time around too.
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  • We went with the Honest Beco carrier (great price if you're already a member). Front wearing facing you or out, back wearing, and hip wearing. Yay options!
  • We have the ergo and love it. I used it with my son up until I got pregnant again. It was great for back pack and hip carry as he got bigger and wanted to be able to see more, or regular front carry for when he and I wanted to be snuggly.
  • I registered for a Lillebaby All Seasons and a moby wrap. I also bought myself a freaking gorgeous Didymos woven wrap on layaway. I can't wait to get it. You may want to check out the group Babywearing 102 on facebook. There's squillion members and people are super knowledgeable. 
  • Love love love the ergo- the best purchase I have ever made. I also occasionally use a moby. I'm scared of slings until babies are much older because I feel like that style is the most common I hear horror stories about, but it is most likely user error. But seriously with the ergo I can still carry my 3 year old comfortably. I did once when we were going on a really long walk to get to an event and couldn't bring the stroller. Then he walked once we got there.
  • Loved my mob wrap for the first few months then switched to my bjorn. I got the newest on e so it has 4 carrying positions and LOTS of back support. Carriers are not easy on the back so it's important to check the support offered. My girlfriends have egos and love them.
  • I would recommend that you try to find a local babywearing group. Many have a lending library and sessions where you can learn about various options. I'm going with a k'tan for the early days and a Tula for later.
  • I originally registered for the ergo 360 and then a friend sent me an article where a woman compared ergo, beco and lillebaby. The woman's review favored lillebaby, and brought up some interesting points about the other two. So, I went back to BBB, and we played around with and tried on the carriers. Ergo 360 has this massive loud Velcro on its waistband that is sure to wake a sleeping babe that I didn't notice at first. We both found lillebaby more comfy and liked how it supported our lower backs. Beco was nice because the straps cross in the back rather than having to reach behind to clip them like ergo and lillebaby have, which I imagine could be hard with a baby in the carrier. We didn't like how Beco felt on us. Lillebaby also unzips and is meshy, which I imagine will be awesome in the summer. You can also carry baby in all the different positions. I also registered for a baby ktan.
  • I used a wrap while DD was too small for our Onya, which DH uses more than me. I recently purchased a baby size lenny lamb which is absolute love it's sooooo soft, I  even got a toddler size for DD.  I hear a lot of families love the ergos, but I know nothing about them. Definitely join your local babywearing group as PP suggested.
  • I find this review extremely helpful on Lucie's List, probably the one that emzie54 is referring to. Based ont his, I also registered for the Lillebaby. I particularly took note of the section that said it was comfortable for several hours, longer than the Ergo, and that it could be used from newborn to toddler without purchasing a separate insert. 
  • I just got a Solly wrap for this baby and can't wait to try it. We had an Ergo with DS. It was fine, but the infant insert was terrible so I'm hoping to have a better wearing experience in the early months with the Solly.
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  • Hi All thanks for the recommendations.  I noticed many  of you recommend Lillebaby, but I live in the Netherlands and they don't sell that here.  So I probably wouldn't get it.  The main brands I've looked at are Ergo, Baby Bjorn, Stokke, Chico.. I guess I should have mentioned that before, sorry. I've heard the newborn insert isn't so great with the Ergo.  Maybe I should get a sling also?
  • I am a FTM but I bought an Ergo 360 after reading some great reviews
  • I am going with a Tula! I am a ftm but it has been recommended to me both by friends, family and the owners of my local maternity store.
  • euromom said:
    Hi All thanks for the recommendations.  I noticed many  of you recommend Lillebaby, but I live in the Netherlands and they don't sell that here.  So I probably wouldn't get it.  The main brands I've looked at are Ergo, Baby Bjorn, Stokke, Chico.. I guess I should have mentioned that before, sorry. I've heard the newborn insert isn't so great with the Ergo.  Maybe I should get a sling also?
    I used a Baby Bjorn with my first until I researched more and learned about hip problems caused by wearing in front position. I have read mixed information as to whether they are safe or not for long term carrying. Ergo has a great reputation for being a good solid carrier that holds babies in the right position. I switched to one with my son when he was older and we loved it. For new baby, I am using a ring sling for the earlier months and will probably use a soft carrier after that. Lots of moms who babywear a majority of the time use woven wraps as they can be cozy and close for newborns and then convenient for hip and back carries with older babies and toddlers. 
    If you can, see if there are any natural parent stores in your area or babywearing groups. I've visited both in my area and tried different types of carries/wraps/slings to see what works best for me. Hubby is not into wraps and slings but likes the "backpacks" as he calls them :) Most soft carriers will work fine, as long as baby can face you and have their legs spread apart. 

  • FTM, so I'm not an expert, but after all of the reading/research I did, I decided to go with the Solly Wrap, like a PP. I can't have any type of "strap" on my back, due to a previous back surgery, and all of the traditional carriers seem to have traditional straps. I like the Solly, because there are a lot of options for wearing, and for weight distribution across the carrier's shoulders. Like I said, I'm a FTM, so I haven't used it yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to it! Plus the colors/prints are just lovely!! Can't wait to try it out. 
  • We got the ergo (regular, not 360.) couldn't really find anything negative about it and after we got it in the mail I tried it on and it was comfortable and easy to use.
  • Also, keep in mind if yourself and your partner, or someone else might be regularly carrying the baby.  Apparently some carriers are easier to adjust from one sized carrier to another.  My sister is 5'3 and her husband is 6'2.  They ended up going with the Beco over the Ergo when they learned that it was easier to adjust for such a size difference.
  • I have a snugli and a hava ring sling. Love them both for different times and reasons
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    I'd skip the stretchy wraps (moby and solly) since they have a 15lb weight limit. I'd personally go straight to a cotton size 6 woven wrap that you can wear from birth to toddlerhood with. They are so incredibly comfortable too. Girasol and Didymos make wonderful wraps. Girasol especially so because the rails (the edges of the wrap) are often separate colours, which is a godsend when you're learning how to tighten the rails properly for different carries. You can google how to carry a newborn in a woven wrap. The most comfortable and recommended carry for a new baby is the front wrap cross carry (FWCC), and there are a ton of videos on youtube showing you how to do it. 

    Babywearing is amazing. It's how I survived having two young children and a husband who was frequently away for work. It provides you with a sense of freedom since you can be snuggling your baby but also have the opportunity to do things like wash your face and put on makeup, or prepare supper. Having your baby close, but having your hands free is worth it's weight in gold.

    ETA: We had an ergo with our first and were big fans. I got the organic version, and it's truly so soft. You can skip the newborn insert buy using a rolled up receiving blanket under their bums instead. When my second was born we bought a Tula because it's panel was taller, which was a plus for my tall babies. It kept them more snuggled in. Both are great carriers. Tula has more options for prints and a considerably higher resale value, if that is of interest to you. As PP mentioned, join a baby wearing group on Facebook. They are a wealth of knowledge and someone is always around to answer a question/give advice. 

  • Look online to see if there's a BWI chapter near you. (Babywearers International)
    They often have monthly meetings, and a lending library, and you can check out different carriers for a month at a time. Usually this is done with a yearly fee, but the most I've ever see is $30 a year, so significantly cheaper than buying a carrier you end up hating!

    Also, don't feel like you have to buy new. There are so many buy/sell/trade sites out there on facebook, and not just for the high ticket items. I belong to a group that is B/S/T under $100. 

    Personally, from what I've tried, and our baby isn't here yet, the wraps were so overwhelming for me. I had some success with a Baby k'Tan, and will likely use that when baby is little. I also registered for a Maya ring sling, since it's padded, and will support not only baby, but will be a good option for breastfeeding out and about. (You can use the tail end for modesty, if you want.)
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