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Hi all!

I had an IUI 10 days ago with the trigger shot 11 days ago. I tested out the HCG shot and took another test today with it being fainter than the control line. but obviously positive. Heres why I'm freaking out. 10dpiui seems soon to be getting a darker line to me. We triggered with 6follicles which already freaked me out, but with fewer I couldn't get one to implant. My first pregnancy ended up being chemical. but now with this positive so soon I'm nervous more than one implanted.. Has anyone gotten a positive 10dpiui??? Also please let me know if this is the wrong area for a question like this.


Re: 10dpiui

  • More than one is for sure possible, you will have to wait till your ultrasound to know for sure...
    I have had a positive after an FET 5day transfer real early, but all my pregnancies were single...
    Some women just have higher HCG levels, so you see it sooner... Hang in there, and wait it out, i know its hard!
    Congrats on your positive!!!

    Started TTC in 2006, LOTS of trying, and trying, and 7 rounds of IVF with 13 embryos, 2 perfect little boys and 5 loses....
    All finished with babies, started to make diet changes, Keto, to be MORE for my kids, lost 30 pounds, still going, and 3 months in, I had a natural cycle, and then ovulated... Hubs and I are going to see what happens now... Maybe a natural pregnancy? After everything we have been through? Or just a return to normal hormones? We shall see what the future holds!

    Baby Dust To All!!!

  • 10dpiui to get a faint positive isn't crazy early. I got my positive 5 days past 5 day transfer (equal to 10dpo) and I'm having a singleton. Congrats on ur positive!

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    I got my BFP at 9 DPIUI. I am currently 35w5d with twins! I guess I just had a lot of HCG :) My first beta was 188 at 12 DPO. You may may be in the same situation. Best wishes!
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    07/2014-Femara 5mg + trigger + IUI= chem preg ;(
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    09/2014-Clomid 100mg + trigger + IUI + 2nd trigger= BFN
    10/2014-benched due to RE out of town, tying naturally!
    11/2014-benched due to cyst
    12/2014-Femara 5mg + stair step with additional 5 days Femara 5mg + trigger + IUI=BFN
    01/2015-Femara 5mg + Gonal F 25 units + trigger (plus additional Gonal F 100 units on trigger night) + IUI= BFP!!! Twins due 10/2015
    09/28/2015- Surprise!  Conrad and Hudson born at 35w6d!  
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