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Target PSA and ?

in the target ad today there is a coupon for spend $100 on diapers, wipes and formula and get a $25 gift card. If you don't get the ad text diaper to target and they will send you the coupon.

? Part..... We used similac blue last time, dare I buy any before baby is born? I know target has a pretty good exchange policy with their gift registery, basically they allowed me to exchange anything based on my registery last time. This is basically buy 3 get 1 free, and I have similac coupons right now too....

Re: Target PSA and ?

  • Formula is the one thing I won't buy before baby is born, because you just never know, but it's totally up to you. Maybe you can just make sure at the time of purchase there won't be any issues exchanging if necessary several months down the line? Good luck

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  • Thank you! I'll be stocking up on pull-ups, size 5's and NB's over here:)
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  • Yeah I probably wouldn't buy formula unless you're sure you can exchange it that far out. We ended up having to use Alimentum for milk protein intolerance and that was very unexpected.
  • I wouldn't buy formula but you can easily spend $100 on diapers.

  • I believe formula is considered a food (i.e. they can't resell it), so I'd be surprised of they were liberal on the exchange policy with it.



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  • Thank you for the coupon! I plan to use that this week. I definitely want to stock up on some diapers, and such.

  • Bummer it says you have to do it by Oct 3. I can't afford to spend $100 on anything within the next week

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  • They don't do it often geojam224 but they do it every 2-3 months or so. This is just the first time I've seen it this pregnancy. I will for sure be buying diapers this week :)
  • As stated above formula is considered food and cannot be returned or exchanged.
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  • I think formula comes with an expiration date too so even if you decide to buy it after the baby is born but don't end up using it for a while, it spoils (because of the whey?). I ran into this problem with DS. Everyone wants to give you a ton of samples right when baby was born but we BFed until 9 months and by then I had to throw away all the formula. Best to buy it when you need it.

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