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baby shower registry

When is the right time to register? I've never had a baby shower before. My oldest friend and my daughter are planning a shower, but not for a while yet.

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  • You can register at any time and just keep it private until closer to the shower. That gives you a lot of the time to edit and add stuff as you do research or find new cute things that you may forget about later. I personally started my registry at like 8 weeks but I didn't share until people started asking for it which was just last week at 24 weeks.
  • Wow..8 wks? Ok..well I am 23 wks so I guess I need to get a move on. Thx
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  • My husband and I did our registry last week, when I was 22w.  Once we found out what we were having, we knew we'd be doing the registry within 2-4 weeks after that.  You are not behind by any means.  It all depends too on when your shower may be.  Mine is for November 15th, so we needed to get a move on, for ours, because invites are going out to guests in the next 3 weeks. If we weren't having our shower until later on in December or even early Jan. we probably would have waited a little bit longer. 
  • So hubby and I set out to do the registry today. Most horrible experience ever!! Associates know nothing about how to do it..the scanners r junk. Had to keep going bk to the manager for help with it freezing up. We both left in a terrible mood. But it's done so thank god for that. Ours is on Nov. 14.. So glad it's over. Wish I could have a beer right now!
  • O yeah.. I don't recommend going to Sears.
  • Did mine last week. I registered at Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby. DH and I had a wonderful time. Both places offered help, bottled water and we got goody bags at the end. We also took the opportunity for a lunch date.
  • Babies R Us is good because in addition to the completion code option, you get money back for every X amount you spend or something along those lines. I also liked Buy Buy Baby because they take Bed Bath coupons and I have like eight million 20% off Bed Bath.
  • I didn't choose babies r us because they have such high prices.. I didn't want guests to have to pay that kind of money. But we did have a nice lunch at old Chicago before the terrible episode, and that was nice.
  • Babies R Us isn't bad with pricing. Did you know they price match all other retailers including Amazon? I mentioned it to a few people just so people knew. They were the only retailer that we wanted to work with. Target and Walmart have such small varieties. My SIL registered at WalMart and the only thing on her registry available at my store was the diapers. Plus customer service at those multi purpose stores is non existent. The employees at Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us were knowledgable and very helpful. Not a single issue until I got incredibly tired. Then the woman at the registry desk helped me finish out what I had on my list by showing me options on the computer instead of me having to walk around the store. It was awesome.
  • Well with service and employee training you get what you pay for (complicating things is that stores can vary by location on how good their service is). With Babies R Us sales and price matching I have found their prices to be very reasonable (I've bought a lot on my own already). DH and I liked the huge selection between BRU and BBB plus we got to see and hold everything we registered for (versus online options like Amazon) which I liked.
    Everyone registers where they find the right solution. But I always get annoyed when people go for the cheaper options then complain about service. DH and I registered for all of our gifts with price in mind and consciously chose things knowing that other people would be buying a lot of the stuff.
    Sorry this seems ranty, but I took your "didn't want guests to pay that kind of money" in a sour way. I don't feel I registered for overly priced items and had an awesome, memorable day building my registry with DH. ;;)
  • Well..that's what works for you then that's great. I have always liked Sears and did not know what I was walking into with a registry. Is buy buy baby just an online store? I have never heard of it before. As far as babies r us, I just never shop there normally and when I do, they just seem very much higher then others. Also did not know that they price matched. We r going out next weekend to do one more and I will keep that in mind.
  • We registered at buy buy baby and enjoyed our experience. There was a huge section of recliners so about halfway through the registering process I just chilled in those and put my feet up for a little while. They had everything we could possibly need and every version on the floor so that we could actually test stuff out. They hand out 20% off coupons constantly and you can use one per item, so there's no reason to ever pay full price there. They also had a great gift bag! It's been very easy to go online since and delete and add things as we want to adjust our registry list.
  • Buy Buy Baby is a physical and online store. At least in NY they are near the bigger cities. The are owned buy Bed Bath and Beyond, so they take their coupons too.
  • We just did target because they had the products I wanted and I just love target. You get a goody bag and I think 10% off things on your registry you want to buy after the shower.
  • I worked on mine for over three weeks just gradually adding until it was done. Our shower is November 7th so I had a deadline. I live in the mountains and don't have a name store but three hours away. We registered at and it has been a fantastic experience! They provide support, you can add items from multiple stores, and it shows your guests price comparisons! I am obsessed with BabyList!
  • I'm 25 weeks now but has my registry done about 2 months ago. I'm a teacher and knew i wouldn't have the time once school got back in session. We registered on for 99% of and for the furniture. 
  • @jem8407 I love BabyList too! I just got a package of clothes and a rattle from Estella, one of the "shop small" picks they recommended - normally their stuff is super expensive, but they had 80% off some beautiful things. I love being able to add stuff from wherever to my registry and that they send emails about special deals.
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