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Co-sleepers: Tell me how you sleep at night!

After suffering through months two years of my toddler's poor sleep, we decided to co-sleep with our new baby. I've researched the benefits, understand how to do it safely, but I'm struggling with the logistics of the evening and morning routines. I would normally put my son to bed and then go back downstairs for a few hours. How do I do this with co-sleeping? Do I put him in our room and get him to sleep and then leave? Should I be keeping him up later and going to bed with him? What about loudly getting ready for bed in the master bathroom or the alarm potentially waking him in the morning? I'd love to hear your routines so I can get some ideas on what might work well for us. Thank you!

Re: Co-sleepers: Tell me how you sleep at night!

  • My lo is just over 2 now, and we're still co-sleeping. I've always lay down with him in our bed and read him a few stories, and he falls asleep. then go back downstairs with hubby for a bit of quiet time. In the mornings, he sleeps so soundly, he sleeps through both our alarms (DH gets up at 3am, me at 5), through the shower, and blow dryer. It's not until I turn on the light and pull back the blankets that he wakes up. 

    They sleep so soundly, I wouldn't be too worried about your routine waking them up. If they do, they'll get used to it after a bit. 

    Good luck!
  • When my daughter was a baby, I just let her fall asleep where she was until I was ready to go to bed. Then I just brought her with me. My daughter is now a toddler, and sometimes I do the the same. Other times, if she is tired, she'll tell me she's going to get in the bed. 
    In the mornings, sometimes she wakes with me, when I get up to get ready for work, and other times she is still asleep and I just wake her when her turn. 
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  • I started off with lo falling asleep in my lap, but after about 2 months/10 weeks started putting her to sleep in my bed and leaving her there while I had some time.  I have crib rails to keep her from rolling out (though she's not really at the stage to worry yet).  Because she sleeps touching me once I get to bed, I find I can't sneak out in the morning without her waking, though that may change.  Generally she wakes me up first anyway.  She sleeps in bed about 7:30 to 6ish.  I usually am in bed by 10.

  • I sleep (or at least slept when I had little ones) on my side with my bottom arm out in front of me, baby's head on my elbow and my hand on their butt.  It's impossible to roll over in that position.

    This is how I sleep. :D
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  • I have a co sleeper, so ideally baby goes into that until first awakening. But usually he falls asleep nursing in my arms while I watch some TV, and then I just bring him into bed with me when I go to sleep. Baby usually gets up with me or DH in the morning.

  • My son in 18 months now and we've always co slept. I've had mornings where my husband has had to wake up at 4:00 AM (alarm and all) and our little guy sleeps through it just fine. My son usually falls asleep with my husband or I and we just hold him, wherever we are, until one of us is ready to go to bed. If that doesn't work for you though, a baby rail and monitor should allow you to put him in bed by himself with you checking in periodically.
  • Baby is 7mo we have a bedtime routine of bath and then nurse to sleep in our bed ..sometimes I fall asleep with her sometimes I get up once she's out and put her in the pack and play she usually sleeps in the pack and play for a few hours and when she wakes up for her second feed I bring her back in bed to nurse back to sleep and then we sleep snuggled till morning when she wakes me up and we start our day ... Good luck mamma
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