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7 week milestone

So I am 7 weeks today and fear has taken over my body... I found out I lost my baby at 8 weeks but it stopped growing at 7. So needless to say I am going to be a big ball of nerves until my u/s on wed. I am going over everything in my head. I was already bleeding at this point last time and I have no blood. But I am on progesterone so I am worried that there is no heartbeat and the med just won't let my body pass it. I am not sure how that works. And I am worried this might be a brighten ovum. I have no symptoms but my mind is just going to worst care places today. Ahh! Why can I not just be happy and excited.

Re: 7 week milestone

  • As if it's not bad enough on a regular day, milestones are truly the worst. I just passed mine for when I found out around 8.5 weeks that we lost the baby at 6w1 and I don't think I'll feel the slightest bit ok until my ultrasound on Monday. Thinking of you and please keep us posted after Wednesday!! Hugs!

  • Thanks girl I appreciate it. I feel like I have been blowing thus board up but none of my other friends really get it so it is nice to have a place to just let things off my chest and mind.
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  • It so easy to feel like you have no symptoms, too. I hope they come back full swing in the morning and that Wednesday comes quickly.
  • It's sooo hard not knowing what is going on in there! I hope you can get some relief after your u/s. The progesterone wont keep you pregnant if there is something wrong with the baby. I have first hand exp w that. I was on the suppositories w my 2nd mc. I know how your mind can go to the worst possible scenarios. I had a hard time in the begining and i still get nervous sometimes. Thinking about you and anxious to hear your news next week.
  • @cammlyn it really is tough to stay calm but try and tell yourself that this is a completely different pregnancy than the last one. That one's in the past, you are pregnant now. Picture that heartbeat on the monitor. Take care
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