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Friday Randoms

I picked my baby's boogers with a bobby pin I a bad mom?
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Re: Friday Randoms

  • My husband does that all the time with my bobby pins! Her nose is too small for the booger sucker still.
  • Haha smart idea!
    The nose frida is helpful but LO hates it!
    We're going this afternoon to meet the newest cousin in our family, he was born yesterday.
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  • I officially boxed up all of Reign's newborn clothes this morning... He's growing so fast!!! :x
  • Having A BEER at the local waterin hole with LO (well he is tit-faced & sleeping) :) happy Friday bumpies!!
  • Took my last stupid dose of my stupid anti-biotic this morning. It'll will be safe to start breastfeeding again tomorrow morning!! I am ready! Hopefully we can get back into a routine with that soon!!
  • Baby boy got his shots today he's been really cranky ever since he's 11 weeks today
  • So I woke up and freaked today because I was unable to access into the discussion board in the app... :-S I was trying to figure out if it was me. Turned off my phone, refreshed the page everything until right now at night I realized I was logged out of the discussion board... LOL :)) I'm back now though!!! :D
  • Busy busy today and it gets even busier tomorrow. Errands this morning, post office, Walmart, getting stuff ready for the yard sale tomorrow, lunch with my Aunty them, shots and finally home, then work, cleaning and finalizing stuff for the yard sale. I actually came home did some stuff I was suppose too and then I took a unexpected nap! Haha it felt great though :) now I am exhausted and we need to wake up early tomorrow to set up for the yard sale.
  • My LO laughed for the first time yesterday (which was Friday lol)! I'm such a sap, I immediately said "oh a fairy just got her wings!" Pretty sure that is from DD1's Tinkerbell movie lol.
  • Took my LO with me to a local brewery to meet a friend & there happened to be live music. He slept through part of it & then bounced around in my arms, enjoying the music :D several people even commented on what a chill baby he is!
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