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Breastfeeding while on combination pill

My baby is 7 and a half weeks old and I I'm breastfeeding. My midwife put me on a combination Pill a week ago and I have heard that it can decrease your milk supply. Im on the lowest dose possible. I have not noticed any changes yet and I also take fenugreek regularly. Has anybody else had any experience breastfeeding while taking the combination pill? Does it always decrease your milk supply? I'm getting a little worried from what I've been reading

Re: Breastfeeding while on combination pill

  • Why'd they put you on a combo pill? My OB asked if I was breastfeeding, when I said yes I was immediately given a choice between IUD or mini-pill. Reason being because combo pill impacts I'll only be going back on it when I'm done BFing. Just confused why a midwife would put you on it if they know you're BFing.
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