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Any Diabetic mommy's taken Lantus?

Tonight will be my first night. It's a 24 hour acting insulin. Meals are fine but fasting has not been where they want it. Never over 120, but never under 90. Nervous about starting it tonight. Anyone else taken this?
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Re: Any Diabetic mommy's taken Lantus?

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    I have type 1 diabetes and was on Lantus and Humalog for many years. Currently I'm on Humalog only (since starting with my insulin pump) but the Lantus and Humalog combo worked well for me. Hope it is going well for you - do you take a fast acting insulin also, or just Lantus currently?
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  • Thanks for answering. @pineapplepancake, Just today I was put on, 60 humalog + 1000 mg Metformin at breakfast, 80-90 humalog at lunch, 80-90 humalog at dinner + 1000 mg metformin, 90 Lantus at night. So taking the Metformin at dinner, my after number was 66! That was shocking. I ate a sugary snack, came back at 77 an hour later or so. Now I just woke up, testes at 109, took Lantus because oops I fell asleep. Hoping I don't drop like that in the night.
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  • I am a diabetic as well. I have always taken Humalog or Novalog with Levemir. 
  • I forgot to add that Lantus and/or Levemir is pretty much the same just made with different ingredients, if that makes sense.It just depends on which your insurance covers. 
  • Yes, they wouldn't cover Levemir just Lantus for me. Still waiting for it to work properly! Today was the first day under 100 fasting. 
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  • Yes gd taking 70 humilin and 32 aspirda in the am 22 of both in the pm fasting blood sugars have just got to where they want them to be but struggle with my mid day blood sugars. I am 35 weeks not and am waiting to deliver a babygirl measuring at 39 weeks, due to her enlarged stomach.
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