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Anyone else having horrible headaches? Between the constant fatigue and now this head ache today I do not want to get off the couch. And I am scared to death to take any thing for it.

And random side note instead of having cravings I have no desire for food.

Anyone else?

Re: Headaches?

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    Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is supposed to be ok - I think it's the only painkiller we can take. 
    They come and go but yesterday the headache was so bad I ended up taking them. It was worth it!
  • I have had some too. I have tension headaches and neck problems and read if you suffer from tension headaches they could get worse during pregnancy. I will not take anything!! At least i haven't so far, just can't do it. I am with you on the food too. I HATE eating!!! Yuck. Nothing tastes good, I am gaggy and nauseated almost constantly. I was eating chicken noodle soup, mashed potatoes and crackers but now i am sick of all of that too. No fun.
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  • Yes I have had tension headaches for the past 5 years and holy crap yesterday was as close to a migraine as they have ever came. I used and ice pack on the back of my neck and head and that seemed to have helped some but this morning I still have the dull aftershock. I though we could take tyl but I am just so scared to take anything othe than my iron b12 prenatals and progesterone.
  • @cammlyn I am the same way. After two consecutive mcs im scared to do anything. I am already on 6 pills a day anyway. Prenatal, dha, baby aspirin, + 3 folic acid ( i have mthfr). Try alternating heat and cold and see if that helps. If you keep having trouble or its unbearable i would talk to the dr though. If you can massage might help as well. If you cant get anybody to give you one, sometimes they will do like 15 min sessions. They did for me when i was having a lot of trouble with it.
  • I have a prenatal massage therapist but she doesn't like to start until after 12 weeks. So I am trying to hold off. Today is a little better. Just an aftershock affect. But if they get worse there is no way I will be able to work and myself and my doctor will have to find a plan of action.
  • When i went it was just a quick chair massage focusing on neck and shoulders. I need to check into prenatal massage. That scares me a little too :-/
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    I have a friend who knows which part of my hand to massage or apply pressure on to sooth the part of my body that is hurting. (Its because the nerves are connected).
    When she massaged my hand for my several-hour long headache and saw it wasn't doing much she said "That's odd. This should work...unless you're prenant. Are you pregnant?" I just smiled and said that I didn't sleep well the night before.
  • I hope your headaches have ended by now. If these are truly horrible, and not just run of the mill tension/hormones changing, etc. please consult with your doctor. There are some severe headaches that are the result of relatively uncommon conditions that need to be ruled out, if it is very bad.
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  • I, too, am suffering from really bad head splitting headaches. I talked to my doctor and she recommended Tylenol in the daytime and if it's bad at night (which it is) I can take Tylenol PM.

    I am going to try it. These headaches make it unbearable to work or do anything. I can't even read a page in a book without the lines going fuzzy.

    I tried Tylenol yesterday and WOW it helped. A ton. I'll only use it when it's really bad. 13 weeks tomorrow... These should be going away soon!
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