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Fitness Kick

Who is in one? Over the past 2 weeks I have sprung into a fitness kick like no other.
Who else is currently in one and what are y'all doing?

Re: Fitness Kick

  • I am always on a fitness kick... but I can also be VERY lazy.  I like to just spend time on the couch with DH watching TV or things online. 

    However, when I do get enough motivation to workout I used my spin bike or go running.  I also have a big weight bench & rack.  I don't use it as often as my husband though.  I need a gym membership for the winter since I HATE running in the cold.  

    I almost always eat healthy so the weight gain hasn't been an issue... it is the weight loss.  I was hoping to get to my goal weight before we start TTC but that is still 15 lbs away.  I don't know if I can get down that far in a month and a half. 

    I think I need a work out buddy!  I run with my best friend sometimes, but her running style is different and her legs are much shorter than mine so we go slower than my body wants.  While DH is ok as a workout buddy, he does a quick workout and then he is DONE.  If I am going to work out I am going to put everything I have into it.  I could honestly stay at the gym for like 2 hours if I had the time.  =)  
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  • I have a half marathon in two weeks, and ran 11.5 miles yesterday! Woo! I'm very slow (12:30 miles at race pace), but I get it done. I really enjoy the training process. I need a $75 registration fee hanging over my head to keep motivated.
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  • I'm mostly just lazy. Did some fitness last year, because of tension headache and the doctor thought it was a good idea to get stronger muscles. After 3 months I got knee injury (on both knees) because of the fitness. The pain still gets back now and then. I also was getting really tired because of a vitamin D deficiency. Mostly I took a nap before going to fitness. So when I got my knee injury I just quit. I figured because I always use the stairs and work in 3 buildings at the same time and always on third floor, I'm getting my excercise every day.
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  • I'm on a HUGE fitness kick! Down 11 pounds (I want to lose 25). I even purchased an elliptical for home and I've been on that thing for an hour a day/5 days per week, tracking my calorie intake with My Fitness Pal & getting my 10,000 steps in with my Fitbit! I feel so much better already. Just taking it one day at a time until I reach my goal and then I'll kick into maintenance! :)
  • I'm not necessary "working out" but I'm walking every day during my lunch hour (a brisk walk), tracking my calories with My Fitness Pal and also tracking my steps using my Apple Watch. I really like that the watch reminds me to stand up every hour if I haven't done so; it's very easy to do when I'm super busy and enthralled in a project. I need to get exercising again, though. I was training for a 5K in May and pulled my achilles; I'm afraid if I start up again I'll do more damage to it.
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  • Xstatic3333 That is what my pace is.  I did a 10k race last weekend at about 12:20.  The fastest full I have done is a 10:30, but that was pushing it and I only did the 1 mile. =)
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  • The last few days I've been traveling for work, but lately I've been back on my FitBit kick with running a few miles every morning and watching my steps. I run in the AM and walk with DH in the evening. I need to get back on the treadmill tomorrow AM after 3 days off - I try to run 5 days a week! :)
  • Oh! And I have a standing desk at work. If you have access to one, they are absolutely amazing. Highly recommend standing desks. Mine keeps me burning calories all day after my run in the AM. Makes me feel much more active and help me to sleep at night.
  • KSMcClary said:

    Xstatic3333 That is what my pace is.  I did a 10k race last weekend at about 12:20.  The fastest full I have done is a 10:30, but that was pushing it and I only did the 1 mile. =)

    Congrats on your 10k! My attitude is slow is better than the couch :-)
  • I've gotten back into the groove of running regularly after having the worst time motivating myself to get out of bed early for some time. I run 3-4 days during the week and try to get a longer run in on the weekends. It will get harder again as it's already getting so dark in the morning. I am debating getting a treadmill so I can make it through the winter. 
  • Me! I'd love to lose 20-30 pounds before TTC in January. I've been tracking my calories using my fitness pal, and getting to the gym as often as I can.
  • We're fitness junkies too (kinda). Horseback riding 3 times a week, rock climbing or some sort of strength training 1 day, plus 3 days of running. We have a 12 mile race planned for second week of November (we definitely need a race to keep up our training), so we're working towards that. I was in cross country in high school and used to be fast, now we're very consistent at 10 min/mile pace, even on trails and hills, but never any faster. :) Trying to maintain my weight and keep my muscle up (without losing more body fat), to be in optimum shape for a hopeful pregnancy in the next year.
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  • I started running with a friend again, up to 4km a run now at 1.5 weeks in. Which is not exceptional but it feels great to be back into it. I don't care for distance running, but I like a nice 30 minute run to clear my head.

    I haven't been doing much else with school starting up; so much to do in my classroom this year. I have a few strength training and yoga videos that I would like to start following again when things settle down in October.

    Next cycle in our official starting to TTC so I want to be in a good routine by then with things that I can continue throughout a pregnancy.

    My biggest challenge lately has been food. We usually eat well but the busy schedules have introduced a little more junk than normal.

    So a few changes to take care of in the next month or so!
  • ME!! I'm getting ready for a marathon relay in December so I'm doing 5 days of cardio, two days of weights, and two days of Zumba. I am always on, then off the wagon! I'm adamant about working out and weight lifting during pregnancy, so I'm trying to stay consistent. 
  • I am right there with you! Ever since we put a rough TTC date on the calendar, I have been on a CRAZY fitness kick! I've always been in to weight lifting and dancing, but I've kicked it up in to best-shape-ever level stuff. I have this weird biological urge to make sure I'm extra fit when we conceive.

    Right now I lift weights 5 days per week and Zumba once a week. On my rest day we're usually hiking.

    @gabpepsi I've been wanting to get a standing desk! Does it mess with your ability to multitask?
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