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Hi! My daughter is 13 months. Not fully walking just yet, but I'd like to purchase some good walking shoes in anticiaption. She wears a size 3-6 mos (tiny narrow feet!) so I'm finding it hard to find shoes that aren't just cheap "just for show" for younger babies. Anyone own any functional baby shoes that they would buy again?

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  • I have the same problem with my DD ( 15 mo) who is barely a toddler 3 and fully walking. I've found one pair of hard bottomed sandals (similar to keens) in a toddler 3 at Target this summer. I'm hoping when their winter stuff comes out I can find a pair of tennis shoes and maybe some little Ugg style boots.

    My SIL has good luck at the chain Stride Rite, because they have a really large size range and her kids have super wide feet. That's where I'll go if I can't find any in the box stores this fall/winter.
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  • Target has a new stride rite brand called surprize. They felt the same as sr but only go to size 5.
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  • I found a pair of size 3 new balance sneakers for daughter at a consignment sale.(she wears them every day. 20months old) A lot of times you can find really sturdy cute shoes at consignment because people buy them for a cute shower gift, and most babies grow through the size before they actually need shoes.
  • Stride Rite and Robeez are supposed to be the best but IMO they are way overpriced and kids grow out of shoes too quickly to spend money on that.

    I would just find some nice shoes with a flexible sole. You can find them at Target, etc.

  • You don't want to put her into hard sole shoes for a while anyway. Optimal foot development is done barefoot so any leather soled shoe works. Robeez will last a long time if you buy them big and let her grow into them. Since they have an elastic ankle they stay on and since they're completely soft it's not an issue that they're big. 

    I thought I would hate baby/toddler moccasins, but I ended up thinking they were super cute on. I am in no way affiliated with this person, but I found her stuff to be cheap and well made (especially compared to freshly minted).
  • We just left DS in socks with grippers on all day. When he got better at walking and moved to the toddler class, we bought some Stride Rites at a second hand shop.
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  • We bought Robeez and stride rite while she was first learning to walk, now that she is more stable we get whatever at the second hand store. My DD also has very narrow- We got her measured at stride rite at 15 months and she measured a size 4 or 5 I think.
  • I read used shoes aren't good because it can make your LO feet change to the shape of prior child. I'm all about used clothes. :) so I plan to also use sr until baby walks good then just use the best of the cheap ones I can find new.
  • I buy DD stride rite. They are a little expensive but I got her shoes at the beginning of the summer and they lasted until a few weeks ago when I bought her the next size up for fall. And they always have sales, plus they have a rewards card.
  • We just kept him in gripy socks if it was cool, barefoot if warmer. If you're looking for a shoe, Robeez are great, and really they don't grow out of them too quickly, buy them a little large. 
    As for used, a soft sole isn't going to change the shape from someones foot as a hard sole would. You don't want them to wear hard soles when they're learning to walk. 
  • Thanks everyone!! Great tips. :)
  • Robeez are the best! They don't fall off! They are expensive but worth it. Try used in eBay usually around $10 a pair

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  • Babies r us recently had a buy one get one sale on shoes. Might still be going on!

  • Pinterest also has lots of patterns for DIY Robeez. I'm working on a pair for DD and the leather is about a dollar a pair (I can get about 3 pairs out of 1/3 yard). Adding in the new thread I needed they're still less than $5 a pair!
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