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Lupus and low milk supply

Hello! I'm a ftm and am struggling with low milk supply. My baby was born three weeks early due to PIH. I have lupus but have not been on medication since finding out I was pregnant and had a very easy pregnancy. I have been to the lactation clinic and we are supplementing with formula on an sns system and then pumping after every feeding. Even with that I'm not able to pump more than an ounce on each side. The lactation nurse said my auto immune disease may be contributing to the low milk supply.

My question is for anyone else who has struggled with lupus and low milk supply. If I started taking the plaquenil again, would it help balance my body's responses and let me make more milk? Has anyone else struggled with these specific problems? I've been crying for days because I can't feed my baby the way I was designed to. I know feeding her to keep her weight up is the most important but it kills me that I can't provide her with very much healthy milk.

Any insights and suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!

Re: Lupus and low milk supply

  • I am sorry I don't have any experience but could you call your local La Leche group to see if they have resources or someone you might be able to contact. Good luck!
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