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I've stopped breastfeeding and I feel horrible..

I feel horrible about stopping in the first place. My schedule is so busy I never get any downtime. The downtime I do get is spent prepping for the next work day. I have breastfed in over a month my LO is only 4 months. I definitely want to start back. Is there any supplements I can start on? Approx how long will it take for me to gain my milk supply back?

Re: I've stopped breastfeeding and I feel horrible..

  • I know it's possible, but I'm not sure how. You should join the dairy queens support group on Facebook. I've seen people give advice on this there. Good luck!
  • It is possible to re-lactate, you may want to consider joining some Nursing and/or Pumping groups on Facebook.

    You are a GREAT mommy. Please don't feel guilty for stopping. You stopped for a reason and if you are a better mommy for stopping, then don't feel guilty. A happy mom and a healthy baby is all that matters. And if that is accomplished through feeding formula, than that is OKAY!
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  • This means so much. I still deal with daily guilt when I see the new moms in my office pumping. He's the happiest, most active and alert and SMART baby I've ever seen. I just sometimes wonder if there's a supplement I can take to regain.
  • My LO had been on formula since month 2. A combo of him not being a great latcher and me just pumping for him as well as my stress not allowing me to make enough (we moved cross country when he was 5 weeks old) it truly simplifies the process. My aunt gave us a sort of one cup coffee makers but it's for formula. At first I thought how lazy can I be?! Then after a while I got sucked into being able to make a warm bottle on demand whenever he needed it. Don't feel bad about what you are having to do that is best for YOU and the baby!
  • Ehh if you stopped it might not come back. Are you still leaking if you squeeze your breast? If so then pump as much as you would have fed her and eat tons of oatmeal it helps with milk supply
  • It is completely possible to relactate, and generally it does not require any supplements. What it does require is frequent stimulation of the breasts. So that means every 2-3 hrs either having your LO "dry nurse" with an at-breast supplementer, dry nurse with nothing if he will do that, or pumping while looking at your baby's pics/videos to help with the hormonal release. It often takes weeks to months, but it can be done. That's how adoptive mothers that wish to breastfeed do it. However, it doesn't mean that it is right for you or that you are a better mother for doing it! It is a lot of work to relactate, so I would be sure and examine your motivations for doing so before starting. Make sure it isn't just inappropriate guilt! You are a good mama if you are feeding and nurturing your baby, which you are!
  • When did you stop? I think honestly even if you breastfed 6 months that's golden.
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