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High Altitude

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about traveling to a higher altitude while pregnant.   I read that a big change in altitude could be a problem, but I am not sure what constitutes a big change or how high is an issue.  We live in the midwest at ~1000 feet. We have a trip planned at 27 weeks. We will be staying in a different city each day - most cities are 1000-2000 ft, but one city is at 6000 ft. I have been looking online and will ask my Dr, but thought I would check here too just in case anyone has experience.

Re: High Altitude

  • I moved to a high altitude place around 36 weeks during my last pregnancy and I really didn't notice a difference. I was just out of breath more quickly, but that's par for the course during pregnancy lol
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  • The problem with going to high altitudes is the air is a lot thinner. This means you get out of breath easier. Just don't go running marathons and monitor your body closely and you should be fine!
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  • I live in Salt Lake City and every year, usually around Sundance, there are a slew of purple who come in and suffer from altitude sickness. Some end up hospitalized largely due to dehydration. Here's a link with some information you might find helpful.
  • My last pregnancy I lived in Colorado. The doctors told us to always drink water and some hiking trail where on the no no list. Also if you moved there in the late second trimester or third trimester chance of preterm labor. I had a few friends who did move and had babies early because of moving there. I would really find out for the area you are going what is the norm. 
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  • I live in the Midwest and am in Sundance for the week and I am 16 weeks. Outside of a stomach ache I haven't noticed any other issues.
  • I live in Colorado at a mile high. I traveled over 10000 ft passes at 35 weeks last pregnancy and no issues. Just drink water and dont push it.
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