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Sentences your husbands/boyfriends say that piss you off!

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My top three are;

1. "How did LO sleep?"(Because DH is unconscious all night)

2." You should do something with your day." ( as if looking after our son, doing chores, food shopping and family/doctor visits etc isn't busy enough)

3. "I'm really tiered" ( this one pisses me off the most DH has been off work for 10 weeks with a broken hand. He goes out all day with friends and comes back "tiered" this is when I wish I knew kung fu to whoop his ass lol because he instantly falls asleep when he sits on the sofa)

Re: Sentences your husbands/boyfriends say that piss you off!

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  • Last night I pumped so often as I'm trying to increase my supply and have bottles for the night. Well he offered to take the first shift after feeling guilty for snapping at me for asking for his help earlier in the night. At 5 am LO was screaming and I look over at SO sound asleep and ask if he took his shift yet. He says "Yeah"...

    So I am up for an hour bottle feeding LO and pumping afterward. At 8 am I woke up and the sun was up and I could CLEARLY see that bottle had never even been used beside his bed. I'm more upset that he wasted my hard earned breastmilk than anything.

    But no really I would be seriously pissed too.
    THANK YOU. Haha I'm sitting here fuming while he is burping LO in bed next to me. He tried to feed him the old breastmilk this morning (Maybe feeling guilty realizing he forgot his shift??) And I switched it for the new stuff from 5 am. Angrily.
  • Me and my partner sleep in different rooms due to his snoring. I do all but 1 night a week of the night care and every evening my other half wishes me goodnight by saying 'sleep well'....are you for real???!!! X
  • "

    And "why didnt you ask, I don't mind helping" when I am doing anything for LO (diapers, pjs ect). If I want help, I will ask beleive me. But...when I ask him to get me water or anything while I am feeding LO, I get eye rolls and "you should have grabbed it before you fed him" Please make up your damn mind.

    OMG THIS!!! he tells me "I'm going to make you a pre-nursing list so you don't forget what you need before you sit down." if I had time or the brain capacity I would have already done it. And if all you have to do is stop watching TV for one minute while you bring me a glass of water you really shouldn't be complaining.
  • "This is what you wanted!"

    I know he's kidding when he says it, but really dude? We made this child consciously together, don't make it sound like a mistake just because I complain when it gets tough.. I'm allowed to complain to my husband about these things!

    ^ THIS !!

  • Try something other than telling him "Your okay buddy" gosh that man can get under my skin!!!!!!!!

    OMG DH does this.. He says the exact same thing, too! No, he's obviously NOT ok. Get off your ass and soothe your child!
    Omg yes! And then he says well she can cry it out. She 8 frekaing weeks old and wants to be consoled, try consoling her idiot! Sorry!
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  • When people ask, "so are you getting any sleep?????" And he answers "well I am. I tell her to wake me if she needs me." Really???? He needs to be helping and not me asking. He wanted this baby just as much, if not more than me so step up and help. Also, he works all the time. Says he's just trying to make some extra money. In all honesty I think he doesn't want to be here. There are days he doesn't even see our daughter awake. It's very sad.
    Sorry for the rant!
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  • Every time LO is screaming for no apparent reason DH asks "what's wrong with her?" As if she's broken... ~X( ,I don't know, why don't you ask her, or shut your mouth before I cut you.

    When LO finally falls asleep I run around the house trying to do all the chores, including making dinner, while he watches tv or sleeps. Then he says later "I'll do chores if you ask", you're a grown a** adult, you know when the sink is overflowing with dishes that they need to be washed. I don't like feeling like his mother so I continue to do it all myself.

    And he is sooooo loud, he slams EVERYTHING. Just as I get LO to fall asleep he will make a loud noise and wake her up.

    Needed to vent :((

    Wait! We have the same husband!
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  • Same with DH saying he's tired because I usually do night shift solo but I'll add my brother to this. Since LO has been born, literally EVERYTIME I see him or talk to him he says how tired he is. I have to bite my tongue. Seriously.
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