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Milk supply woes...

I need help! I'm really down because my milk supply has been steadily going down the last few weeks. I had my son only 2 1/2 months ago and didn't have any issues with breastfeeding or supply. However, due to complications from the birth, I needed to go on antibiotics right after, which meant I couldn't feed so I supplemented formula, then I had to have a surgery a few weeks ago for other complications from birth which has been having under a ton of stress and now I'm on a super long (3 1/2 week) round of antibiotics from an infection arising from the surgery. So...again with the not being able to feed. I've been pumping as much as I can but can only get out about an ounce from my left and maybe 4 ounces from my right. I'm so depressed over this... My son definitely drinks more than barely 5 ounces at a time, he's 14 pounds and a total piglet. I already feel bad that I keep having to take breaks from breast feeding him, and it seems like I have a little less supply every day when I have to pump and dump now. What can I do to build my supply back up so that I still even have milk when I can finally breast feed him again? :(

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  • Not sure if you spoke with a lactation consultant, if not I definitely would to make sure you can't breastfeed with the antibiotic you are on. Doctors have been known to just jump to say you can't BF when they haven't looked it up to see if it does pass into the milk. You should be able to call and speak with one either at your hospital or any hospital. Good luck.
  • There are some antibiotics that are safe for breastfeeding. Ask your doctor to check with lactmed.or infant risk to find something that works.

    Are you using paced bottle feeding with all bottles (breastmilk or formula)? When you are giving formula, are you pumping every 2 hours during the day and every 3-4 hours at night?
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  • Unfortunately I cannot feed while being on the antibiotics, I checked with the doctor and the pharmacist. Plus my fiance confirmed - he works as a microbiologist. The surgery I had to have repaired a really bad tear I sustained during delivery, and due the location it got infected and I had to be put on meds that kill everything, otherwise I'm at risk for sepsis. Apparently it destroys the body's natural flora :/ As far as the pumping schedule...I'll try to up it. It's so difficult to do so right now. My son eats all the time so when I'm not feeding him, I'm playing with him or trying to finally catch up on some of the housework. The surgery really knocked me out for a long time :(
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