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All she wants to do is eat...

My baby is only two days old and she nurses for at least an hour at a time. Thirty minutes later she wants to nurse again. My nipples hurt so bad and all I want to do is cry. What am I doing wrong?

Re: All she wants to do is eat...

  • You probably aren't doing anything wrong! Those first few days they tend to nurse often and for a long time. They aren't very efficient at first and they only take a small amount each feeding. This will tell your body to make more and will get your milk to come in. The more they are on the more your body is told this baby needs food.

    I completely feel your pain! I was there too. If you can see a lactation consultant they can assess if the baby is latching correctly and help you make sure it is a good latch. If the latch isn't good that can cause nipple trauma and very sore, sometimes bleeding nipples. I was very sore and in pain from day 4/5 through about day 10/11. Then it was so much better and we have been great since. My son is 3 months now.

    Hang in there, it will get better! I cried several days each time I needed to feed knowing it was going to hurt. But then one day it didn't hurt. Good luck!
  • During pregnancy, babies get a constant stream of nutrients through the placenta. A newborn feels hunger and cold for the first time, so she's constantly looking to nurse because you smell familiar, and provide warmth, comfort, and food.

    A newborn has a stomach the size of a marble, and you only produce a little colostrum at a time. So frequent feeding is necessary. This is all normal newborn behavior.

    However, breastfeeding shouldn't hurt. Definitely have her latch checked by a lactation consultant. You can also ask her to check for lip and tongue ties. Use lanolin, coconut oil, or olive oil after each feeding to help your nipples feel better.
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  • I agree with PP that there might be a latch or tie issue. My LO was nursing nonstop for 3 days and it was hurting me so much. It turned out he had a lip and tongue tie and wasn't able to transfer the milk properly. So he was hungry because even though he was nursing a ton, he wasn't getting much. I was skeptical that that was the issue since no one at the hospital caught it and an LC can't technically diagnose them, they can just recommend you get it looked at by a specialist. Good luck!

  • Some discomfort is perfectly normal. My LO is now two weeks old and the first 9 days were really sore. I even got a cracked nipple. Her latch was perfect and she has no ties so even with the perfect set up there's still some pain. Every woman's tolerance is different. I will say after day 9 my only discomfort is during let down then things are smooth sailing and she will eat for an hour. Some nights she cluster feeds for up to 5 hours straight. My pain now is that I have mastitis cause I have an over milk supply even with all her eating she's not emptying them enough. Mastitis is a whole different level of pain.

    Hope you feel better soon.
  • My baby is two weeks and he is constantly feeding! Sometimes for hours on end. It's tough but I think it's normal that newborns just want to be on the boob. I'm very sore as well, I can't tell if it's a bad latch or just the fact that he has a powerful suck and goes at it all day long and all night long. I've heard it can take a couple of weeks for nipples to toughen up.
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