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difficulty transferring milk

Hi Ladies! Looking for suggestions for my situation. I posted before about not feeling like my baby is removing enough milk from my breasts and having to do frequent feedings. Well today I sat down with a lactation consultant and did a weighted feeding, my baby only transferred less than 2oz....48ml to be exact. She is 10 weeks and takes 4oz bottles (expressed milk) every 3-4 hours with the exception of sleeping through the night. She is not satisfied after feeding but she isn't draining the breast. Latch is good and no other issues noted.... Does anyone have suggestions? I do breast compressions while nursing but it doesn't seem to help much.

I usually pump about 2oz from each breast when I pump (in place of nursing) so I know my supply is adequate but not great. She suggested starting reglan to increase supply which in turn may help the situation at hand. Has anyone used this med?

Looking for any tips or tricks because I am exhausted from pumping all the time! Thanks in advance!

Re: difficulty transferring milk

  • I don't really have any suggestions but wanted to let you know you're not alone. My little guy has transferred more than 40ml total between both breasts in the two weighted feeds we've done with the lactation consultant. He has a very shallow latch so they suggested a nipple shield, but we haven't had much luck with that. I just feed him then follow up with either 2 oz of breastmilk if I have it or 2 oz of formula without feeling guilty. I felt totally guilty giving formula at first, but my LO is so much happier with a full belly. We are having him evaluated for tongue tie on Tuesday. We already know he has a lip tie.

    Just do the best that you can and don't feel guilty about having to use formula should you need to. Good luck momma!
  • Edit has not transferred more than 40ml combined.
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  • Thanks for the support! Its so frustrating :(
  • My friend recommended I try "power pumping" to increase my supply for pumping. I'm not sure how often you pump, but it's worth a shot to increase your output when you go that route..

    Pump for 20min
    10min break
    10min pump
    10min break
    10 min pump

    My LO is partially tongue-tied and could only get good latches when a lactation consultant was actually helping hands-on( hello, awkward!) I am a slave to the pump. Haha

    Good luck!
    I agree with the previous user. The important part is a happy baby with a full belly, regardless of method of delivery or form of food.
  • Thanks, I am a pumping fool too. Every 3 hours or so...it sucks! I have power pumped a few times and it does seem to help some. I haven't started the reglan yet in fears that it will make me crazy. I've been popping brewers yeast and blessed thistle with success along with much more breast compressions and things have been improving.
  • I drink the Mother's Milk tea too. It tastes horrific( unless black licorice flavor is your thing).. I think it helps a bit as well. More likely it's just the positive and hopeful attitude it gives me.

    I'm glad to hear it's improving! I had a rough couple of pumping days after having to take sinus medicine. Thankfully it's improving now for me as well.

    I hope it continues to get better!
  • I too have trouble with this. Definitely make sure someone very knowledgable in it checks for ties. A posterior tongue tie is hard to spot. My guy also has a slightly small lower jaw which means it is not stimulating the milk as well. All of this led to me not having a huge supply. The consultants I work with do not recommend Reglan due to the side effects. I am having luck with Moringa and Goats Rue.
  • We had my son's tongue tie clipped on Tuesday and haven't supplemented since! The lactation consultant is calling me next week and I'm going to see if I can come in for another weighted feed to see how he's doing. My pediatrician didn't think his tie was a problem, but I felt it was so I asked for a referral anyway. We saw an ENT and he clipped it. Took 30 seconds and he cried less than when he got his shots. Some people see a dentist too. I'm not trying to push you into something you don't want, but it might be beneficial to have someone else look. There is a Facebook group called tongue tie support group that you can join if you want. It has a list of preferred providers for treating tongue and lip tie. I didn't go to a preferred provider but the ENT I saw did have knowledge about them. I feel it's helped a lot

    Next with the blessed thistle are you also taking fenugreek? They work better when taken together. I take them both, but not sure they really help a ton. I've been taking them for several weeks though so I'm too nervous to stop taking them and possibly see a decrease in my supply. A warning though. The fenugreek makes you smell like maple syrup all of the time. You may need to switch up your deodorant.

    Now the reglan. It does have side effects-as all meds do-but they typically aren't seen unless it is taken for extended periods of time. The main side effect to be concerned about is involuntary movements. I've been a nurse for 7 years now and have only seen this happen to one patient who also had a slew of other things wrong including kidney failure which he was on dialysis for. I'd say it's worth starting to see if it helps.

    Again good luck to you! I know how frustrating this can be!
  • Oatmeal and Gatorade seems to be helping me. I tried the mothers milk tea but it really upset my stomach. My baby gets a lot more from pumped bottles than me directly too, it's tough, good luck!
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