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Re: You're Invited to Our Babies"R"Us Registry Party!

  • Any little bit helps so we pretty much included everything we needed for baby (although I will probably be updating it after looking at the checklist that was posted here)
  • @TwinMommaCarrie haha that is awesome!
  • We put items ranging from a couple dollars up to $200. The small stuff adds up quickly - hangers, bottles, breastfeeding supplies, travel soaps, etc. And of course we registered for larger items - pack n play, car seat, stroller, etc. In my family most of my aunts go in on a larger item together. We have about 90 things on our registries, all varying in price so people could spend what they are comfortable spending.
  • YES! We recently got married and learned the importance of including items from varying price ranges. I loved getting gift baskets made from little items. But my favorite gifts had to be the ones that I didn't expect or register for. 
  • I haven't started it yet!
  • Yes a mix of high low and mid tier!!
  • My app kept crashing so I wasn't able to start at noon. Kept crashing so I had to reinstall the app. Bummer!
  • Don't forget humidifiers! They can be easily overlooked but are a big help in the nursery. Those can have all different price points.
  • Our pricing is all over the place. Lots of simple couple dollar items, a ton of mid range (30-70) items and just a few $150 plus big ticket items for if people want to go in on a gift. Not expecting the big ticket items, but would be amazing if we got them! Otherwise we are planning to buy ourselves what we don't get. Hoping to hit Black Friday sales for our LO is due in Jan!
  • Also, most places you register either give you a % of what's bought or give you a coupon to get a % off anything left on your registry so there's another reason to register for anything and everything you may need. With all the things we need for our little ones every discount or sale helps!
  • I'm stuck at work so I missed out on most of the fun here! Glad I could sneak away for at least the last few minutes though ;)
    We just finished our BRU registry yesterday (or so I thought). We really didn't add anything too out of the ordinary or unique, but after reading what you ladies have said, we may have to add some books now. What a wonderful idea! I hadn't even thought of that.
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    I am going to be gearing my registry more towards the expensive items that I won't necessarily be able to afford all at once. That way if family members/friends want to split the price on certain items, it will make it cheaper for everybody! Though of course I will include the smaller items like bottles, pacifiers, receiving blankets, etc.

    Edit: I think the best advice anyone told me is that you can still buy stuff once your LO is born :) no need to buy everything before the baby is ready. You just need enough to get started and continue to buy the stuff you need once they grow.

  • I am only 7 weeks along but I would love things on my registry that I could actually use. When I got married, there are items i never even used from my wedding registry!
  • @BumpEditor thankfully we already have a humidifier because that is one thing I definitely would have forgotten to buy!
  • The key is to add things at different price points.  Sometimes a group of friends will go in on 1 expensive gift and sometimes someone will buy a lot of small things and put it in a basket or something.  I don't feel bad about putting more expensive things on for that reason!
  • we also made sure that we put on there that we would accept gift cards.  We got almost $400 in gift cards alone which was an absolute God send for things that we didn't get that we needed.
  • Humidifiers are the best! My baby had a cold and the humidifier helped so much! Another thing you can register for is infant Tylenol!
  • @aprilmore1980 I was late to the party as well lol oops
  • All of my items are less than $80 on my Target list, most are around $30. My BRU list is all over the board, though
  • @BumpEditor if we have a humidifier on our AC/Heating system, do we still need a separate one? That's one thing we weren't sure on.
  • Yes the little medicine and emergency kits are a lifesaver so are the teeting items for later
  • Great idea adding books!
  • Oh, and to answer the last question: as a FTM, there's definitely a wide variety of items on our registry, so lots of different price points. I feel like there's so many expensive items though! Honestly a lot we don't really expect anybody to gift us, just added them so at least we'll get the completion discounts in the end.
  • We did all price ranges on both our BRU registry and Amazon.  I figured some people will either go together for a bigger ticket item or decide to piece together several smaller items.  Also, a lot of people will decide on a price point for a gift and only use the registry for half of the gift (say a pack of bottles you registered for and an outfit you didn't register for).  That way they can still follow your registry, but still have some freedom to surprise you!
  • Joining late as well, I thought it was 1-2, better late then never

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  • @PreggoInTheCity You should be fine. The only reason to get a new one is because some double as night lights, can incorporate Vicks, or are just plain cool-looking.
  • I love the little safety kits they make!
  • To be fair to my friends and family I have things that are very low price and the big ticket items.
  • Love safety kits as well! And the little nail kits as well!
  • We had ours BRU registry set up for us on Monday! Going to hit the local store to fill it up this weekend :) I love the ides of adding books! Especially since we are considering a book shower!
  • Yes the little medicine and emergency kits are a lifesaver so are the teeting items for later

    Thanks for the tip, gonna put that on my list of things i want to register for.
  • @BumpEditor we have a Vicks humidifier and it's awesome!
  • Don't forget humidifiers! They can be easily overlooked but are a big help in the nursery. Those can have all different price points.

    I didn't even think about a humidifier but seeing that adorable shark one now I must have it! My husband is just going to have to deal with splurging if we don't have someone buy it for us off our registry. (Its definitely getting added!)
  • @bublesmiled so did I but I saw it in my email and double checked lol, or else I probably would have forgotten
  • BumpTara said:

    Welcome Bumpies!

    We're so excited to have you celebrating with us here at our Baby Registry Party, brought to you by Babies"R"Us! 

    Remember, by joining in on the discussion, you're entered for a chance to win! Two lucky participants will be randomly chosen to receive a $100 gift card to Babies”R”Us. Plus, one lucky winner will win a Levana Ovia PTZ Video Baby Monitor with SD recording.

    @BumpCaitlin and I will be on hand to help with any tech issues during the chat. Just tag or PM one of us and we'll be able to help you. 

    Let's get the party started - and start chatting! 

    Every 15 minutes throughout this hour, I'll be posting a new topic for you all to discuss. Plus, our own @BumpEditor is here to share expert tips and opinions! 

    Our first topic is:
    How far along in your pregnancy did you begin creating your registry?
    We created ours at 3 months I believe because I found d out my MIL wants to do a sprinkle and being due in Feb, the holidays come into play, so I tried to do it early since I know the party will be earlier the normal.

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  • @BumpEditor @BumpTara thanks for the party! I hope everyone has a wonderful day, I should probably get back to cleaning LOL.
  • I haven't created one yet, as I'm only 13 weeks haha :)

    My question for all you seasoned mama's: did you find it more beneficial to overload your registry with items? Or did you limit it to the bare essentials?

    We had our DS before and have all boy stuff so while we will be recycling some of that stuff like the play yard, bouncer etc our DD will still need girl stuff so the other things like clothes etc we loaded onto the registry
    Definitely go overboard. People like options, plus you can return anything g you changed your mind on and use the credit towa r so your completion coupon purchase.

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