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Anxiety after my loss

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Hey everyone! I'm not one to reach out to strangers but it seems there are many of you who have experienced the same type of situation I have been through.

I have thoracic endometriosis and haven't had any time to figure out a game plan before I got pregnant in Jan 2015.. at 12 wks 1 day I miscarried and had a natural birth... now we have managed to conceive again I will be 7 wks tomorrow... last Wednesday I woke up and had some spotting and cramps in my pelvis and back.. the same symptoms as last time. So we went to emergency to my relief we had the new OB in our very small town and she has taken me on to be my OB for this pregnancy as my Dr is not delivering anymore. She said that because I wasn't bleeding and the cramps had gone away not to panic but she wanted to see me in a week and have an ultrasound shortly after. So tomorrow is my appt with her for follow up and the ultrasound is on Tuesday. My anxiety is through the roof and I am so sick that I don't even have the energy to answer my fiance at some points. How did you cope with getting to the first ultrasound... I am finding it very difficult. And how do you all deal with all day sickness because the diclectin isn't working.

Thanks for reading Xo.

Re: Anxiety after my loss

  • All the best, that first ultrasound is really hard & in my experience it continues to be (we found out that my baby had died during a scan) but all I try to remember is I'm pregnant today. Hope it goes well x
  • I could almost swear there's something similar to PTSD us loss mamas experience. I am by no means down playing true Ptsd just saying what we feel has to be a close cousin. The days waiting for an ultrasound are scary and nerve racking. The day of the scan is down right frightening..... yet nothing brings the same relief as that little flicker on the screen.
    don't be shocked if you don't have that immediate sense of joy and peace when u see the baby. For me... I have found it hard hard hard. In the past... a heartbeat meant I got a baby in 9 months.... until our loss in April. So just know that whatever emotion u feel.... that's normal. There's no set way u should feel.
    Good luck and I hope this is a sticky rainbow baby
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  • Thank u.. and I completely agree dr asked today if I have every had depression and I'm thinking no but what would you classify what I am feeling now... she has said that it is normal and to hang in there if I need to talk write down everything and bring it to my next check up with her in 3 weeks. After Tuesday I think I may relax a little bit until I get to that 14th week and know that we are in the clear.
  • I took a spit cup because I was so nauseous and stayed on my phone in the waiting room. Once inside the room, I asked the tech to let me know as soon as she found the heartbeat before I looked.
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