Pregnant after a Loss

UPDATE! Waiting on test results...going crazy.

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Hi ladies, 

I'm really struggling today. I'm 11w2d pregnant and 37. I had two losses within the last year, both due to chromosomal issues, so I had the Panorama done last Thursday. The genetic counselor told me that they get results back in 7 days "like clockwork" so I'm expecting results tomorrow, and I'm terrified. I keep trying to distract myself (I have a PILE of things I should be focusing on at work) but I just can't seem to shake this really terrible foreboding feeling I have about getting the call tomorrow. I keep trying to channel this energy into something positive, and tell myself that the results could be good, but I keep slipping back into the negative. I'm normally an optimistic person, so this is new to me, but I'm really struggling. 

Anyway, I just wanted to put it out there since I know so many of us have been though the same or similar things and you've all always been a great sounding board. 
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Re: UPDATE! Waiting on test results...going crazy.

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