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Hard time deciding on girls names

We are expecting baby girl in March and are having the hardest time deciding on a name. We want something traditional but not too popular. DS1 is Preston and our last name begins with H.

We currently like:
Caroline Amalee (Grandma is Amalee mom is Ama)


Hadley Grace

We are also open to other ideas. I love love love Caroline Elizabeth (aunt and other grandma's name) but DH has a crazy ex name Elizabeth who for some reason is still in our life. So Elizabeth is out.

Re: Hard time deciding on girls names

  • Caroline is gorgeous, seems like you favor names that are on the preppy side, which I love :) how about Charlotte, Emily, or Anna? I also love double names like Ann Marie!
  • Caroline.

    Hadley is very trendy.
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  • Caroline Amalee



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  • Caroline is beautiful. Don't like Hadley at all
  • Caroline is fantastic! Hadley is pretty bad.
  • These names are worlds apart to me. I prefer Caroline Amalee.

  • I like Caroline better 
  • Caroline is MUCH better than Hadley


  • Caroline, no question
  • Hadley is so trendy, harsh and honesty ugly sounding.

    Caroline is much better and pairs with Preston better.

  • Hadley actually doesn't bother me (usually not a fan of trendy names). I could see it aging well. Grace is so overused for a middle name and unless it has a significance to your family I wouldn't use it. Caroline is nms, but a perfectly fine name. It is much more traditional than Hadley and I think it sounds better with Preston. I like that Amalee honors family. I vote Caroline Amalee. :)
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  • Caroline!
    Love Carly for a nickname as well.
  • Caroline Amalee sounds beautiful to me :)
  • Caroline Amalee. Hands down.
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  • I don't mind Hadley at all, but think Caroline Amalee is perfect. Preston and Caroline are a great set, too.
  • Hadley is a surname. MY surname in fact. Regardless, I personally don't like surnames as first names in general. Caroline is lovely. So is Grace.
  • I like Caroline Amalee.
  • How about Caroline Beth or Caroline Eliza? Then you're still using a portion of the name, but it's not the same as crazy ex.
  • I like Caroline. Maybe consider Caroline Grace?

  • Caroline Amalee is beautiful. Not a fan of Hadley.
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  • Cathhhh said:
    How about Caroline Beth or Caroline Eliza? Then you're still using a portion of the name, but it's not the same as crazy ex.

    This was my first thought as well. It seems like there are HUNDREDS of known/accepted close cousins to the name Elizabeth, as well as nicknames that double as full names - of course, some more familiar than others and some more formal than others. I'll add a few more options that could serve as a nod to Elizabeth:

    Caroline Elise/Elyse/Elisa
    Caroline Libby/Libbie
    Caroline Bee/Bea
    Caroline Bette
    Caroline Isabelle/Isabella/a thousand spelling options for this one
    Caroline Lyzbeth/Lysbeth
    Caroline Elsa
    Caroline Bell/Belle/Bella
    Caroline Liesel
    Caroline Lily/Lilly/Lillie
    Caroline Lilibeth
    Caroline Elle/Ella/Ellie
    Caroline Bethany
    Caroline Lisabetta
    Caroline Liza
    Caroline Eloise
    Caroline Ellabeth
    Caroline Elsie
    Caroline Izzy
    Caroline Emmy

  • Caroline Amalee!
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