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Having a bit a of a rough day today. I've been trying really hard not to make myself crazy with paranoia this pregnancy but as you all know, it is very hard! Today in particular I'm feeling sad. I don't know why! It actually started last night like a switch flipped and I just feel sad and kind of "not pregnant" anymore. I'm sure this sounds completely crazy but I really hope this isn't a sign that I'm miscarrying again. With my last pregnancy it was so weird, I had this ominous feeling the whole time like I just knew something bad would happen, and then it did. It was a mmc, so the fact that I'm not bleeding isn't really reassuring and I have been pretty crampy. Aside from the cramping and sore boobs I've had very few symptoms. Some headaches and tiredness here and there, but nothing like others have expressed with the extreme exhaustion, nausea, etc. I know every pregnancy is different but that's not comforting for me today. Blah! I can't wait for my next appointment on Friday so I can talk to my Dr. about this and see about a peace of mind ultrasound.

Not really sure what I'm looking for here... I guess just venting and hoping for some positive thoughts! Thanks ladies! 

Re: Having a rough day

  • Positive T & P's! I felt that way with my MC as well. Like subconsciously I was preparing myself for a horrible miscarriage at 16w. It had me disconnected the whole time and I felt awful about it afterwards. This pregnancy I'm actively trying to stay connected. I'm trying to stay positive, we all know easier said than done. I've been pregnant for what feels like forever but really only 6w2d. I too have very little symptoms and that makes me nervous but today I had an US and everything looks good. So try and stay positive and bad days are okay too. Hope Friday comes fast for you! Keep us posted! ((Hugs))
  • Vent away! Sometimes it's he only thing that even sorta helps! I have my first apt tomorrow morning. I'll be just about 9 weeks, the same point I learned of my last loss. And I'm making myself sick with dread. I'm so scared of the possibility of feeling that heartache again. So @spatter1 I completely understand. :(
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  • I was in the same situation earlier this week. I had a mmc too! I have very minimal symptoms too! I was worrying myself silly all the time. But two days before my appointment I felt like it can't be good on the baby, all this negativity. And so every time I found myself anxious I visualised the heartbeat on the u/s monitor. And I got to see it yesterday! Chin up, Friday is almost here! Sending you positive thoughts and will look forward to your update!
  • @spatter1 we all have bad days! This is a great place to vent away. Thanks for sharing where you are at!! I, too, found myself really doubting everything today. It's a horribly unsettling feeling.

    Good luck with your Friday appointment. Keep us posted!!
  • I am sorry you are having a bad day.  Hopefully it will pass quickly and you will find some joy soon!  I had some of the same feelings when I found out i was pregnant this time around.  I am now 13w2d and have had plenty of positive news but I still feel like I am holding back a little on the excitement.  I pray that we all finally are able to find our joy!

  • Thank you all for the kind words and support! I'm feeling a little better today no doubt thanks to your positive words! Will keep everyone posted on my Friday appointment!

    @Plleriti1 how was your appointment today???

  • Thanks for asking @spatter1 It was so nice to have my main fear erased for the time being. There truly is a baby in there!
  • Hey ladies, just a quick update on my appointment today: got lots of blood taken for prenatal tests and genetic carrier screening (holy crap, like 7-8 vials I think!!). Also got a goody bag of prenatal vitamins and reading materials which I'm looking forward to going through. Last but definitely not least - the doctor ordered another u/s for me since I have been so anxious and have had some cramping. I asked her about the ovary exploding feeling I've had a couple of times (I think I talked about this in a separate discussion) and she seemed totally perplexed by it! Makes me even more happy that I'm getting another u/s to make sure everything is OK. 

    Thanks again for all the support as always! Hope everyone has a great weekend. It's going to be beautiful in our neck of the woods! :)

  • If it makes you feel better, I had pain in my ovaries early on, too. Later, it would feel like someone was putting a cigerette out on them and I just had a healthy baby on Saturday!
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    @PlainJane8350 Omg Putting a cigarette out on em! I felt like my left one was exploding too. My next U/S is in several days so I'll be asking then.
    Congrats again on the healthy baby!!
  • I felt like a switch flipped for me the evening after my first U/S. Instead of being happy things were looking good so far I was filled with sadness and doubt for about a day. I'm telling myself it was mood swings.
    Hang in there. Unfortunately I think we all go through this. I wish it was easier for us all. We've already had enough sadness and deserve more joy and excitement.

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