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Beth isreal?

My obgyn practices through Beth Isreal. I've liked her and the practice with my yearly check ups but haven't yet had my first appt since our bfp. I think I want to stick with them, but a few months ago DH was admitted to nyu lagone and I was really impressed with the level of service be received. If anyone uses a dr through either hospital would just like to hear your feedback.

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Re: Beth isreal?

  • Though a diff. dept, I've assisted patients at NYU Langone as an interpreter and the women's cancer clinic was great the times I went there. The doctors were aware of each patient's sensitive circumstances and the staff really took care of their patients.
    Though I never went in for pregnancy-related cases, I've noticed the same quality service is provided to patients at other depts. Hope this helps.
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  • I switched over to using the midwives at Beth Israel. So far they are amazing and I love every visit - looking forward to birthing naturally with them in a few months ! I've heard great feedback from others who have used their midwives
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  • I've heard mixed reviews in regards to Beth Israel. I had a coworker who had a premie and he and the mother liked the service. I had a friend who gave birth their and had issues with a c-section that went wrong and a circumcision that went wrong. Everyone's experience is different. Maybe look up reviews and compare info. I'm an NYU baby and my baby will be too. But that is my preference. I strongly suggest looking up reviews to answer your question better.
  • Hey @yogahh let me know if you still want a dr recommendation re: NYU.
  • @Bltbear82 if you are willing to share, I would love a dr recommendation for NYU. Thanks in advance
  • @IB113 Downtown Women in soho, specifically Dr. Antoinette Whitehead. She delivered my son in 2014 and was patient, encouraging and super calm. She's also very logical and sensitive, if I could I would be friends with her in real life. Can't rate her highly enough.
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